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Minutes, January 20, 1995


Present: Kevin Musick, Helen Bechdel, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Dave & Sarah Trost, Paul DeCusati (Treasurer) & Cheryl DeCusati, Claudia Wilson (Arts Administrator), Jim & Gay Dunne, Rob & True Fisher, Candy Dannaker, Dave Eggler (Secretary), Joe Vasey, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Romayne Naylor, Rebecca Schultz.

Presiding: Kevin Musick (President)

Locale: The home of Helen Bechdel


Minutes: Candy moved and Dave T. seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the December 2 meeting as read. Passed.


Treasurer's Report: Paul presented a detailed table of Revenues/ Expenses for the calendar years 1992-93-94. An even more detailed table was presented for 1994 alone. General acclamation erupted for Paul's battle with the books and for his bringing semi-order from semi-chaos.

As of January 16, 1995 assets included $1284 in checking, $14,169 in savings, and $3650 in CD's, for a total of $19,103. By contrast, the balance at the beginning of 1994 was $12,864. Sarah moved and Romayne seconded that the report be accepted as read. Passed.

Paul repeated the need for each Committee to conduct a budget meeting with the Treasurer and Arts Administrator.


Arts Administrator:

Claudia shared a Legislative Alert originating with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council regarding the proposed action of the new Congress in cutting funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Members were urged to consider writing U.S. Representatives to ensure continued funding.

$5500 in local government grant money has been approved from the PA Council for the Arts. BHCA will administer the granting of these funds within the Borough of Bellefonte. A press release will be sent out soon publicizing the availability of grant monies.

Bulk mailing rates have been raised as of January 1.

A letter was sent to artists who have exhibited at the Gamble Mill within the past year, thanking them for participation and reminding them of the commission agreement.

Another $105 came in from the Fall fund-raising campaign.

Children's Arts Program: A meeting was held with Isabelle Farrell of the Penn State HUB Crafts Center. Topics included the target population. Possibly an "Arts in the Park" will be held in June, with a Bellefonte Bicentennial theme. A Victorian Christmas production is also a possibility. Melady added that HBI may hold a program for children in May for Historical Preservation Week. A sample presentation would be "I Am Temple Court". Bad puns followed.

Claudia attended the Grant Writing Workshop. The new grant form is more complicated, requiring past/ current/ proposed year information.


Library Concerts: The next concerts will occur on February 26, March 28, and April 30..


Gamble Mill Gallery: Romayne reported that the committee now has co-chairs: Mary Vollero as head co-chair, Susan Gephart in charge of setup, Connie Tinkelman in charge of mailings, and Romayne as secretary. Joyce Hagen remains as an advisor.

Because of a problem in attracting crowds to openings, new ideas are being entertained, including multiple-artist shows (> 2), shows with a theme, and an educational/ entertainment aspect to openings. Openings could include talks from artists and performances by local musicians, who are, after all, art forms. The new approach may merit a feature story in the CDT and perhaps on radio.

The 1995 schedule is filled, due to the hard and rapid work of the committee, principally Susan Gephart. The next February show will be Mary Vollero and Mary McGuire. Opening in April will be a show of Bellefonte area educators and their students. Looking ahead to the Fall, an exhibit of black and white photography will have a Halloween opening. Costumes will be encouraged.


Victorian Christmas: Melady reported that 12 people participated on one walking tour and that another led by Frank Dankanich had 20 participants. The total participation is the largest ever.


Summer Sounds: There will be a committee meeting next week. Two special shows are planned, a talent show for pre-screened local artists, and an appearance by Victorian Brass.


Old House Fair: Kevin reminded the group that the OHF will take place on March 25, 1995 at the Bush House. There will be a committee meeting on Monday; the schedule of speakers is set.


Film Forum. Dave T. reported on his searches for a few good films, including PA state library films and the resources of WPSX.


Murder Mystery Night: Sarah outlined this new venture. Lynn Dankanich will make an outline of a plot, and dialogue will come from BHCA. An evening production is envisioned at a local Bed & Breakfast in the Fall. Eventually it could become a weekend event. Helen volunteered costumes and Romayne writing.


Artscape: Melady reported a work session was held last Saturday. A number of members braved cold and dust to gut one of the Bush House spaces to the walls and rafters, allowing potential artist renters to view the possibilities without constrictions.

She floated the idea for a gallery tour in the Spring, of all artists' galleries in Bellefonte.


Good of the Order: Welcome was extended to Rebecca Schultz, currently exhibiting at Centre Community Hospital.


Adjournment: Candy moved, Romayne seconded, no dissension.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Eggler, Secretary