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Minutes, February 17, 1995


Present: Kevin & Leeshaun Musick, Helen Bechdel, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Paul DeCusati (Treasurer), Claudia Wilson (Arts Administrator), Rob & True Fisher, Candy & Bob Dannaker, Dave (Secretary) & Betsey Eggler, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Molly Schwartz.

Presiding: Kevin Musick (President)

Locale: The home of Dave & Betsey Eggler


Minutes: Candy moved and Paul seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the January 20 meeting as read, with the exception that the next library concerts will occur on February 26, March 26, and April 30 rather than February 26, March 28, and April 30. Passed.


Treasurer's Report: Paul reported receipts for January 1995 of $198 in Gamble Mill commissions, $275 in fund raising, $1500 in grant monies (Artscape), and $27 in interest, versus expenses of $491. On January 31 assets included $2423 in checking, $14169 in savings, and $3650 in CD's.

Paul showed samples of financial statements possible with the new Quicken software he is using, including a report showing income/expenses and balances by committee (e.g. Artscape, Gamble Mill). Melady toasted this new venture into orderliness for BHCA. Glasses were raised, orderly, all around.

Candy moved and Claudia seconded that the report be accepted as read. Passed.


Arts Administrator:

Claudia reported that applications have gone out for specific operating grants for BHCA. The Association should be prepared to live with less funding for Film Forum.

Claudia asked if the group had suggestions of an "angle" for a cover picture/story in the Centre Daily Times. As reported before, the CDT will not run extensive coverage unless the paper perceives a fresh initiative or concept.

Melady suggested a focus on Summer Sounds, especially because of the new initiative of a local talent show. There was general agreement that the Victorian Brass, a performing group this summer, sitting in the Gazebo in the Park would be a dandy photo op.

Leeshaun indicated that BHCA already will have had CDT coverage for Old House Fair.

Another idea floated was to picture new couples in BHCA together with their Bellefonte parents.

Protracted debate ensued on ordering new letterhead and on the present location (if any) of the original letterhead drawings.

Claudia asked if the group wished to conduct paid advertising campaigns, an issue raised numerous times in the past. By acclamation, the group voted to conduct two separate campaigns for Summer Sounds and Library Concerts, with the understanding that Film Forum could finance its own ads.

Another long discussion centered on a theater or performance event in Bellefonte vis-a-vis the availability of performing groups "out there" and the opportunity to reopen a theater downtown.


Library Concerts: The next concerts will occur on February 26, March 26, and April 30..


Gamble Mill Gallery: The show of Mary Vollero and Mary McGuire opens Tuesday.


Summer Sounds: Melady reported that in addition to a typical lineup of artists, the Victorian Brass will perform this summer. And there will be a talent show, "Bellefonte Brings Out the Best", with prejudging in the spring. The Committee will need money. BHCA will cooperate and coordinate with the Bellefonte Bicentennial event.


Old House Fair: Leeshaun reported that the schedule is set for the Fair on March 25, 1995 at the Bush House. $800 in cash plus other donations have been received or promised from area businesses. The Committee will be placing various ads and features with the Centre Daily Times and Town&Gown, including page-size announcements that feature "borders" of commercial ads.


Film Forum: No report.


Murder Mystery Night: No report.


Artscape: Melady reported that the Committee has an appointment to meet with Ray Agostinelli to explore the possibility of extending the one-story studio space currently approved for rental to multi-story studio/living space. She is also looking for other living spaces.

The Committee is exploring the idea of a networking party for artists.


Children's Art: Claudia and Kevin indicated that they did not apply for a grant inasmuch as the effort in paperwork was not worth the funds available.


New Business: Kevin asked if BHCA wishes to do anything for the Bellefonte Bicentennial as a group (e.g. parade walk, parade float). Decision at next meeting.


Good of the Order: True, speaking for Friends of the Palmer Museum, reminded members that they should attend the current Rembrandt show, taking children.

A SEDA-COG meeting scheduled in the near future in Bellefonte will explore economic development of the town. The arts and tourism will be major players in the mix.


Next Meeting: March 17 at a location to be announced.


Adjournment: Paul moved, Joanne seconded, no dissension.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Eggler, Secretary