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Minutes, September 15, 1995


Present: Kevin & Leeshaun Musick, Cheryl & Paul DeCusati (Treasurer), Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Romayne Naylor, Claudia Wilson (Arts Administrator), Candy & Bob Dannaker, Lorraine & Brian Flaherty, Dave Trost, Helen Bechdel, Dave Eggler (Secretary)

Presiding: Kevin Musick (President)

Locale: The home of Helen Bechdel


Minutes: Paul read (literally) the minutes of the June 2 meeting as members affixed mailing labels to an upcoming BHCA mailing. Claudia noted that $5600 in Local Government Grant monies that were noted as going for Library Concerts in fact also support general expenditures and activities of the library. Rob moved and Cheryl seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the June 2 meeting as amended.


Treasurer's Report: Paul presented a Treasurer's Report. For the period 5/1/95 to 6/30/95 cash inflows were $570 and outflows, in part for Film Forum expenses, were $4,278. For the period 7/1/95 to 7/30/95 inflows were $241 and outflows $2,178. As of July 31 assets of BHCA in bank accounts, not counting CD's, are $9,060, compared to $14,705 on April 30 and $10,998 on June 30. CD assets on July 31 were $4,674.

Romayne moved and Dave T. seconded that the report be accepted as read. Passed. Paul then moved that BHCA place an ad near the end of the 1995 year thanking all organizations contributing (financially) to BHCA projects. Romayne seconded; passed.


Summer Sounds: Melady reported that concerts in Talleyrand Park went well and that she would present an official report at the next meeting.


Film Forum: Dave T. pronounced the Film Forum, this year a series of commercial movies with a Bellefonte theme, "a success". He reported relatively good turnouts and exceptional enthusiasm from the audiences in discussion of the films. A $1500 grant has been received for next year's series (see below).


Artscape: Melady proclaimed that she is "happy". Since the advent of artscape, five artists have either moved to Bellefonte or have located studios in Bellefonte. Two are living in the "laundry building" at 186 Water St. A studio/gallery tour will occur in Spring 1996.


Gallery at The Gamble Mill & Fundraising: The next opening -- "Eclectic Collection" with Kathleen Frank, Mary Lou Pepe, Nancy Spear, and Carol Goldberg -- occurs on September 19. A show with four artists titled "Masques" follows, with a reception on Halloween night. Romayne suggested a door prize for the best mask. Romayne also suggested a "ghost tour" at Halloween as a BHCA event and as a fundraiser. Claudia then proposed a ball with a Halloween theme as a fundraiser. Discussion followed, with a consensus to combine the GMG opening with a BHCA fundraiser. Attendees will be encouraged to wear costumes or at least a mask.

Claudia observed that recent shows have had good attendance at the opening nights. She indicated that Susan Nicholas Gephart will be giving up her unofficial chairpersonship of the GMG Committee, that volunteers are desperately needed to hang art, and that a new Chair is needed. Dave E. volunteered to chair the committee. Discussion followed on various problems related to relations with the Gamble Mill staff.


Old House Fair. Kevin reported that "nothing is happening yet". Last year's committee will try to rejuvenate the committee or may make the Fair an every-other-year event.


Library Concerts: The season's schedule is in place. First up on October 1 will be the folk group Appalachian Spring -- Smith Toulson, Diane Gold Toulson, Linda Littleton, Paul Oorts, and Rachel Hall.


Victorian Christmas: True reported through Romayne that "all is well" with the BHCA-sponsored Arts & Crafts Fair. Melady said there will be a training session for walking tours.


Tea Party: Cheryl announced the creation of a new Fall event. A tea party will occur on the front porch and in the yard of the DeCusati mansion on September 23 to benefit children in town and to promote the arts. Suzuki children will be involved. 1300 flyers have been mailed out.


Arts Administrator:

Claudia reported that two grants have been awarded by the PA Council on the Arts, a $2000 local arts grant and a $1500 media arts grant for Film Forum.

Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts continues to be threatened in Congress. Members were encouraged to write their congresspersons.


Old Business:

Kevin reported that the BHCA lemonade stand at the Bellefonte Bicentennial sold much lemonade and a few lemon sticks. It represented good publicity for BHCA. Kevin sold a number of packs of unused lemon sticks at the meeting for $1 each.

Kevin reported the results of an Executive Committee meeting of September 7. It was concluded that BHCA needs a logo; that Reutgers-Nease will donate a used computer to BHCA (see below); that BHCA should be working with other groups, bringing them to town to do those things that we want to be done (e.g. the Music Academy); that we should think about a BIG EVENT (e.g. a jazz festival); and that several people may be interested in following through on the Children's Programs.

Paul presented the 386 PC-compatible computer from Reutgers-Nease -- CPU plus greyscale VGA monitor.


New Business:

Kevin brought a request from the Fulbright Scholars program. They would like BHCA to sponsor scholars coming to Bellefonte for a tour. The membership was affirmatively responsive.

Melady moved and Romayne seconded that not more than $100 be provided for the Tea Party.


Good of the Order:

On September 27, Community Day, volunteers are needed to paint the "Y".


Next Meeting: October 20.


Adjournment: Dave T. moved, Paul seconded, no dissension.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Eggler, Secretary