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Minutes, February 16, 1996


Present: Kevin Musick, Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Helen Bechdel, Dave Eggler (Secretary), Mark Van Horn, Dave & Sarah Trost, Jim & Gay Dunne, Rob & True Fisher

Presiding: Kevin Musick (President)

Locale: The home of Rob & True Fisher


Minutes: Gay moved and Rob F. seconded that the minutes of the January meeting be accepted as read, with the exception that Paul DeCusati was not reelected; he continues in service until a replacement is found. Passed.


Treasurer's Report: From 1/1/95 to 12/31/95 BHCA had income of $12,796 and expenses of $18,747, for a deficit of $5,951. The report broke these figures down by BHCA category (Gallery at Gamble Mill, Talleyrand Park, etc.). Assets in bank accounts and CD's on 12/31/95 were $15,203. Jim moved and True seconded that the report be accepted except for a few minor corrections to be discussed with Paul. Passed.


Library Concerts: Mark attended and introduced the children's concert with soprano Barbara Hess and pianist Shirley Fonda on Feb. 11. The house was packed with adults and kids, and Mark said that "everyone had a nice time." The first half of the program was Disney songs and the second half songs by and inspired by A.A. Milne.


Artscape: Melady reported that she continues to receive numerous requests for studio space, including a request from a new group of potters. She is somewhat unsure, at this juncture, of the proper long-range direction. She floated the idea of a board for a non-profit entity that could finance an entire building that could be renovated for artists. Protracted discussion ensued on how to obtain the Cerro building across from the Gamble Mill as a donated space.


Film Forum: No monies have been received to date, but the grant was approved.


Old House Fair. The Old House Fair will occur on March 23. Kevin reported that the final speaker is on board this very day -- Silvi Lawrence, an interior designer with Penn State, who will be discussing home offices and historic preservation. The CDT will be doing brochures and tickets. Cheryl DeCusati, who is handling sponsors, is pleased with the lineup assembled.


Summer Sounds: Melady announced that a meeting will be held on February 21. The tentative dates are from June 6 to August 4. Summer Sounds needs a new chair, fresh members, and fresh ideas.


Gallery at The Gamble Mill: Dave E. announced the next show, "Naturescapes", with Vincent Carducci, Dave Paden, and Michael Theurer, to open with the reception on March 12. He circulated a list of all Gamble Mill shows, from the 1986 beginning, that he assembled from records and BHCA minutes.


Arts Administrator: Kevin reported from Claudia that:

A three-month event calendar was sent to Town & Gown.

A Valentine's-theme fundraiser letter was mailed out.

A letter was received from the PA Council on the Arts announcing that NEA funding will be cut severely. Art groups should plan accordingly.

Claudia has resigned effective March 31.


New Business:

Mailing list: Kevin matched BHCA contributors to the existing list. Melady has pruned from the list people who have died, moved, or never attended. An inquiry will be sent to some list recipients asking if they wish to continue to receive announcements, but inasmuch as the fundraising letter just went out, we'll wait awhile. There's a chance that a prunee may be a contributee.

Fundraising Committee: A steering committee will meet on February 19 at Kevin's home.

Kevin met with HBI, Victorian Christmas, Arts & Crafts, and Gloria Horner of the Chamber of Commerce on coordination of Bellefonte events. The goal is a calendar of events.

There will be another spring garden tour as a fundraiser for town landscaping.

Grace Hampton from Penn State sent out a letter on initiating a dialogue between Penn State and local communities on the arts.

Artgossip from Melady: A coffeehouse will occupy some of the former Hoag's catering space on High St.... The microbrewery at The Match Factory is still alive as an idea.... A probable buyer has been found for the Garman Theatre. He is thinking of mounting about eight productions per year.... Dershem's Sport Center is moving from the Nittany Mall to a building on Cherry Alley.


Adjournment: Rob G. moved, Mark seconded, no dissension.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Eggler, Secretary