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Minutes, September 20, 1996


Present: Leeshaun Musick & Kevin Musick (President), Dave & Sarah Trost, Helen Bechdel, Jim & Gay Dunne, Paul & Cheryl De Cusati, Wilda & Doug Stanfield, Dave Eggler (Treasurer), Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Rob Gannon, Mark Van Horn, and Diane McDaniel.


Locale: The DeCusati home


Minutes: Sarah moved and Gay seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be accepted. Report unanimously accepted.


Treasurer's Report: As of August 31, 1996, there was $2,410 in checking, $10,263 in savings, $4,973 in CDs, $155 for the Garden Ciub account, and $681 in the Talleyrand Park account. Rob moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted and Doug seconded the motion. Report unanimously accepted. Paul motioned that some of the funds in the accounts be transferred to a money market account yielding higher interest than we now get. Sarah seconded and the motion was passed.


Garden Club: On October 3, 1996, the club is sponsoring the planting of bulbs around town. All planters welcome.


Ghost Tour: Sarah and Romayne have written 12 stories for the tour. They plan to have actors read the stories as people are driven around on a hay wagon. They hope to have the tour the last week of October. The rides will cost $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for children.


Summer Sounds: About 300 people attended the final concert in the park. Melady reported that we were awarded a $1,000 Garver Fund Grant. There may be a $600 surplus for this year because of the better than expected donations at the concerts.


Gamble Mill Gallery: The August show went well, said Dave. October's show is titled "Children's Poems and Stories."


Victorian Christmas: Mark Van Horn attended the meeting of the Victorian Christmas committee and reported that a problem has arisen concerning the ornament: The supplier has gone out of business. Other companies have been approached, however, and the principals are sanguine.


The committee has asked borough officials if High Street could be closed near the YMCA for part of the festivities.


Artscape: Melady submitted a 2 page report.


Arts Administrator: Gay reported that the committee has interviewed the various applicants. An offer may be made soon to one of them.


Retreat: Discussion took place as to where a retreat might be held. The Fishers' farm would probably not be the best place at this date; October may be too cold. Consensus is, in fact, that we should defer plans until the new Arts Administrator is aboard.


Film Forum: The PCA has given us an extension of three months for completion of the 1996 Film Forum. Members of the reconvened Film Committee: Kevin, Gay, Melady and Helen. There is no chair. Various ideas were discussed (films about arts, art films, C-NET "Bellefonte Vignette" contest), and the committee will take them under advisement.


Elections will be upon us before we know it. Kevin urged us to think deeply and quickly.


Adjournment: Melady so moved at 9:42. Nobody seconded.


The Trosts are Moving: This shocker was presented just after the meeting closure. Dave has been transferred to Portland, Maine. He'll be commuting between Bellefonte and Maine until the house is sold--probably in the spring.