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March 21, 1997

 Present: True Fisher (presiding), Rob Fisher, Kirby Macrae, Rod Bingaman (Arts Administrator), Paul Ruby, Sue Jackson, Bob Fenichel, Joan Blasko, Dave Trost, Peter Schneeman, Helen Bechdel, Colina Jordan, Melady Kehm, Rob Gannon, Dave Eggler (Treasurer)

 Locale: The Brockerhoff Mill of Peter Schneeman.

 Meeting called to order at 8:26 PM.

 Social notes: Mark and Michelle VanHorn are in the process of having a baby -- could be any time.  Rod gave a report on the recent arrival (February 26) of Elise and generally acted like a proud papa, complete with baby pictures.  He thanked BHCA for the flowers sent in the “I Love Bellefonte” mug.  The Dunnes have flown to the West Coast, for a dermatological conference.  Bob F showed that even MD’s can make bad puns when he confided that such conferences are known in the trade as “skin shows”.

 Minutes and Treasurer’s Report were accepted as read.

 Arts Administrator: Rod reported the first donation received from the fundraising letter.  A follow-up will be targeted to businesses in town.  General acclamation rebounded from the thick mill walls for the artful letter.  A certificate of appreciation has been received from Community Action for the canned goods that we donate.

 Film Forum: Rod found in a recent phone conversation that the PA Council on the Arts is pleased with the new directions that we are taking.  Lou Pepe’s film “The Hamster Factor”, a documentary on filming of “Twelve Monkeys”, will be shown on May 23.  Films are also projected (note second bad pun) for June 6 and 13 with the features to be decided.  Colina suggested an idea for children’s films or cartoons to be shown in the summer in the park.  There was general affirmation, and Rod will pursue.

 Library Concerts: Next concert April 20.

 Gallery at The Gamble Mill: Dave E. reported that three pieces sold from “One Piece Apiece”, with some healthy commissions to BHCA.  The new show “I Am What I Am”, with Jean Kizina and Ben Saggese, opened on March 8.

 Old House Fair: OHF is a “go” for June 28.  Leeshaun is planning to hold the sessions at the Courthouse.  There is no scheduled lunch, so OHF may run in the black this year.

 Summer Sounds: Melady announced that the committee met with a representative of the Musicians’ Union, which will pay 1/3 of the cost of performances.  The committee (Bob and Colina are new members) will try a per/musician pay scale this year, rather than the per/performance scale of years past.  The season is June 15-August 10, nine concerts rather than the eight of years past.  Box lunches, sponsored by Victorian Christmas, and Ben-&-Jerry’s ice cream may be sold at some performances.

 Artscape: Melady has examined the Brick Stable on Water St., currently for sale, as a location for potters or printmakers, as well as the old Pontiac garage at the corner of Water St. and Linn St.  She will continue checking on rental properties for artists, but will probably decline to wheel-and-deal the acquisition of a building dedicated to artists.

     True proposed a gallery tour in July, including artists who would then be exhibiting at the Bellefonte artists’ show at Adam & Art.  We need a committee.

Membership: True noted that two ads for BHCA and its activities ran in the CDT on the page of Bellefonte businesses.

Big Spring Festival (May 18): Rob G. will ask HBI if BHCA can share a table.

Next meeting: April 18 at The Back Stage Deli.

Adjournment: Peter moved, Dave T. seconded, passed at 9:26 PM.

                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                            David H. Eggler, Acting Secretary