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Minutes, June 13, 1997

Mark Van Horn, Secretary


Present: True Fisher (President) and Rob Fisher, Melady Kehm (Vice-President), Rob Gannon, Sarah and Dave Trost, Bob Fenichel, Gay and Jim Dunne, John Roberts, Colina Jordan, Leeshaun and Kevin and Jessica Musick, Sue Jackson, Rod Bingaman (Arts Administrator), Mark Van Horn.


Locale: The Trost residence


Minutes: Gay moved and Bob F. seconded to accept the minutes. The minutes were accepted as written.


Treasurer's Report: No report.


Arts Administrator: The current fund raising level has reached $2,465. Rod passed around a list of 80 donors and said that he is preparing thank you notes to be mailed to donors.


Film Forum: Gay stated that "The Hamster Factor" was well attended (approximately 95 people) and $102.75 was collected. Also, next for the film next Friday, the film maker will be present. In addition, for the third film on the 27th, the film maker and the mayor will be present for commentary. True said she would possibly distribute flyers to the members of the AME church. Gay added that she needs help with refreshments for the remaining films.


Studio Tour: Melady said that this is set for July 13 and the budget is around $625.00. An ad will run five times in the CDT and once in The Collegian during the Arts Festival. Flyers will also be mailed. Melady made a map of the tour and said that light refreshments will be served at ADAM & ART. She also mentioned that approximately 70 tickets will have to be sold in order to make this event a success.


Old House Fair: Leeshaun said this will not be happening this year because many of the tentative speakers could not commit this late in the year. Their reason is that the summer is their busy season.


Garden Tour: Kevin stated that this scheduled for August 17 from 12:00- 5:00 PM during the Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair. Rob G. said he would add this information to the web pages.


Bellefonte Children's Museum: Candy informed us of the committee meeting this Thursday and said she needs funds to develop this project. There was general agreement not to charge for admission to the films. Rod added some ideas for films, which included films with a "Road Runner quality" to them.


Gamble Mill Gallery: No report.


Garden Club: Kevin said that is now a Borough function and is part of the Bellefonte Beautification Committee.


Artscape: Melady said that the deadline for the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation grant for artists' space is in September. Rod said he would get more information on the specifics of the grant and a committee may be formed for this task.


Other Notes: Rod will thank Heilig Meyers for the use of the television for the Film Forum. Melady informed us about Faith Ringold and "Portraits of Women Artists." Gay said that work has begun on the local grant.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM by True.