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Minutes, September 18, 1998

Mark Van Horn, Acting Secretary


Present: Linda Hamilton, Dave Eggler (Treasurer), Lisa Horlein (Arts Administrator), Rob Gannon, Melady Kehm, Candy and Bob Dannaker, Sarah and Dave Trost, Romayne Naylor (President), Sue Jackson (Vice-president), Bob Fenichel, Helen Bechdel, Sharon and John McCarthy, Mark Van Horn.


Locale: Dave & Linda Hamilton's


Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Romayne at 8:05 PM and started with member introductions to the McCarthys.


Minutes: There was an addition to the minutes; the last meeting was at Helen's home. Candy motioned to accept, Melady seconded and the minutes were passed as corrected.


Treasurer: Dave E. distributed the financial report and stated that this year should come out about even. He explained the columns on the table and added that the Garden Club brought in over $1,200 from their last tour. He also reminded us that this year's income from Victorian Christmas will probably be less due to the inaccessibility of the Plaza Theater. Rob G. moved, Bob D. seconded and the report was accepted as presented.


Arts Administrator: Lisa is working on ways to improve fund management for the Film Forum budget. She is also working on PCA fund raising and asked for input from BHCA in clarifying the BHCA's objectives. She said that PCA would like information concerning past performance and future goals. Lisa is also working on publicity for Gamble Mill Gallery ("BHCA Gallery at Gamble Mill", as Romayne reminded us) and the Film Forum. Lisa added, "I hope to be the most efficient Arts Administrator you've ever had."


BHCA Gallery at Gamble Mill: Dave E. stated that a new show is going up on Sept. 26 and opens the 29th. In addition, he's running short on artists.


Old House Fair: No report.


Summer Sounds: Melady said over 1,500 people attended during the season with approximately 300 per show. Cliff Turner had 623 in attendance. Melady said, "we're really established". She then reviewed the purpose of Summer Sounds and added that she would like to obtain a more significant band from outside the area. Melady mentioned she's probably going to chair the committee for only two more years and that she needs more BHCA people on the committee. Melady added that she's still waiting on a $1,000 Garver Fund grant. Romayne said the wait was because of a delay in the paperwork.


Film Forum: Bob F. reported that the Waring film had low attendance, but 65 people came to the Mills Brothers film. He informed us of the two upcoming films and said that the committee is working on a plan for the next two years. Dave E. said that the current PCA fund matching is $1,500 and, therefore, PCA expects BHCA to spend $3,000.


Library Concerts: Dave E. said things are gearing up.


Victorian Christmas: Romayne said she talked to True. True said there is a problem with finding space and the theater may not be available. Mark added that we might have a raffle to reclaim some revenue that may be lost to the lower vendor count.


Garden Club: Candy, referring to the last tour, stated, "We had it; it was great". She also said tulips will be planted in Talleyrand Park and that a tulip festival may happen in during the spring, weather permitting.


Local Government Grants: No report.


Building Lighting: Rob G. talked to Jim. Jim said the PSU lighting class will be taking Bellefonte on as a lighting project.


Old Business: Sarah reminded Sue and Melady that Christmas party planning should start by the end of October if they are going to do it.


New Business:


Adjournment: Bob D. made and Dave (Trost?) seconded a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:33 PM.