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Minutes: 27 February 1998


Present: Doug Stanfield, Jim Dunne, Helen Bechdel, Bob Fenichel, Melady Kehm, Linda Hamilton, Sue Jackson, Pat Lace, Sarah Trost (President), Dave Trost (Secretary)


Locale: Trost Residence


Minutes: President, Sarah Trost, called the meeting to order at 8:05 P.M. The previous month's minutes were approved with correction of the use of a semi-colon. Acceptance was moved by Rob Gannon and seconded by Jim Dunne.


Treasurer's Report: Was distributed in Dave Eggler's absence. After a brief review and discussion of the status of payment of dues, the report was accepted as presented.


Arts Administrator's Report: The search for a new Arts Administrator shall continue. The previous prospect was unable to accept a one-year commitment. Sarah informed the group that Gay Dunne will no longer be on the search committee. Bob Fenichel volunteered to take her place.


Gamble Mill Gallery: The next show will feature Mark Mahosky, beginning March 17, 1998. All members are encouraged to attend the opening and support the show.


Old House Fair: Will take place at the courthouse, featuring the following topics: stonework - care and replacement, storage maximization, low maintenance landscaping, homeowners insurance and wood care - flooring and furniture. The Fair Committee will cater lunch. HARB will present awards during the noon hour. Posters are going up and advance tickets will be on sale at Woodrings in S.C and Bellefonte. Newspaper advertisements are composed and ready to go.


Film Forum: Helen and Bob will discuss status of the event with Rod Bingaman and inform the group at the next meeting.


Sunday Afternoons at the Library: Concert series continues with Mathew Shaw appearing on March 29, 1998.


Talleyrand Park Summer Concert Committee: The committee is getting ready to schedule concerts for 1998. Sandy Johnston will Chair and Marty Donoughe will be the vice-chairperson.


Old Business: A general discussion took place regarding the idea of holding an Ice Sculpture competition in conjunction with Vic Christmas. Doug S. suggested that Wilda S. could get info from Phil Walz on the S.C. ice sculptures. Flooding the park for ice-skating was discussed. Pat Lace suggested "A Taste of Bellefonte" to take place after 8:00 P.M. on Vic Christmas or after the Homes Tour. Lighting the falls was discussed. Doug Stanfield informed the group that the Tourism Committee had left the Chamber of Commerce and was now under the HBI umbrella. More discussion regarding the re-hab and promotion of the Murphy's building took place.


Your Secretary moving to adjourn, concluded the meeting and the motion was seconded by Doug Stanfield. Next meeting will take place at Adam and Art on Friday, March 27, 1998.


Submitted: Dave Trost, Secretary