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Minutes for 11-17-00
At the home of Paul and Cheryl DeCusati


Attending: Helen Bechdel, Paul and Cheryl DeCusati, Jim Dunne, Dave Eggler (Treasurer), Bob Fenichel, Rob Gannon, Susan Jackson (Vice-president), Melady Kehm, Curtis Knapp, Paul McMillan, Romayne Naylor (President), Colleen Pike Blair (Secretary), Carolyn Shapiro, Sam Totor (Arts Administrator)


Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. Introductions were made on behalf of Curtis Knapp.


Review of minutes: The minutes from October's meeting were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer's report: Dave presented a review of the last four months' activities, income and expenses. Current assets total $28,868. Bob moved to approve the treasurer's report. Jim seconded; motion approved.


Arts Administrator's report:

a. Sam reported that if the BHCA wishes to continue to be a member of the organization, Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania, it is now time to contribute yearly dues ($35). It was agreed to maintain the membership.

b. Sam submitted (via email) a grant proposal to the PA Council on the Arts, on schedule for the November 1 deadline. Last year's award was for $2,987.


Committee Reports:


BHCA Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Melady submitted the following report:


Gamble Mill Gallery Continuation Feasibility Committee
Meeting Nov. 4, 2000
Melady Kehm, Chair


Attending: Jim Dunne, Dave Eggler, Colina Jordan, Melady Kehm, Paul McMillan, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Colleen Pike Blair


Since our long-time gallery chair, Dave Eggler, had resigned, the purpose of the meeting was to determine whether we should continue with the Gamble Mill Gallery and if so, to come up with a plan how to do it. By meeting's end we had a decision to keep the gallery going, a leader of the "hanging" subcommittee, a pro tem chair, and a possible future chair. A formal plan was not spelled out; we will work with this loose structure for six months or so, making adjustments as necessary.


Dave gave us a happy surprise by offering to continue doing many of the gallery chair duties. Jim Dunne will assist him as needed. And Paul McMillan, new artist in town and new BHCA member, is willing to consider being chair in the future, once he feels more knowledgeable about the area and its art community. Susan Nicholas Gephart -- who has served many years on the gallery committee, has helped recruit and jury artists, and hang shows -- agreed to continue those duties, plus train and schedule hangers so that the burden doesn't fall only on Dave and her.


Other things that came up at the meeting:


Paul started the meeting off with a boost by telling us that before he even came to Bellefonte, area artists he checked with cited the Gamble Mill Gallery as an important place to show. He also believes that the gallery is valuable because it offers artists a venue other than an academic setting.

          Susan said she feels the gallery reaches out to people who may never go into a gallery or see art, and that the restaurant's excellent reputation brings a large audience for the art. As an artist, she said, she shows at the mill (her work is there now) to get her art out to the public, not necessarily to sell.


        To a question of Colina's about whether it is BHCA's mission to show art, all seemed to agree that it is.


        GMG artists seem to be divided in thirds: 1/3 are artists who've shown before and want to come back, 1/3 are artists who see a show and call Dave, and the rest are new people who find us otherwise.


       A typical show might work like this - 1. Dave and/or Susan jury an artist's work through slides that have been submitted along with a resume. 2. A contract is signed. 3. The show is hung, then taken down after six to eight weeks.


BHCA gets a commission from artists' sales.


       BHCA gets some money from the Local Government Grant for shows, but most of the $1,800 a year cost (mailings, receptions, etc.) comes from general funds.


       Two artists are better for shows for several reasons; one is that more people come to the receptions.


        A small amount of money and volunteers might be needed to do some painting and spackling of the gallery walls.


Last minute bulletin - Several shows have been scheduled for 2001, including a touring exhibit that will run during the Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival featuring members of the Central Pennsylvania Landscape Artists organization. Although none is set for mid-January as of yet (11/17/00), Dave and Susan are working on a group show of local artists.


Melady will ask at the BHCA meeting tonight for volunteer hangers. Training can begin with the hanging of the group show on Saturday, January 13.


-end of Melady's report

The reception held on Tuesday, November 14t" for the opening of Susan Nicholas Gephart and Beverly Klucher was well attended.


Old House Fair: No report


Summer Sounds: No report


Film Forum: This committee needs to contact Jim to set up possible show times. The gallery will have timeslots available until the end of March.


Library Concerts: No report


Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts Show: No report, but volunteers will be needed. The show starts Friday, December 8th; the space includes the YMCA and the bakery annex. Sam requested that a copy of any advertising created by this committee be forwarded to him, for the purposes of grant reports.


Local Government Grants: No report


Old Business

a. Report on corporate sponsors: No progress has been made.

b. Annual fundraising letter: The letter is finished and ready to be collated; 475 letters were printed. BHCA extends great thanks to Susan Nicholas Gephart, for the use of one of her images; and to her son, Nick Gephart, for his generosity of time and creativity in the final stages of formatting the letter.


New Business

a. Sculpture garden expansion: Colina sent in a question concerning the issue of liability, should the BHCA attempt a sculpture contest/exhibit in Talleyrand Park. Paul McMillan reported that in his experience it is typically the burden of the artist to provide insurance against damage and/or loss for any sculpture pieces exhibited in an open, public setting. Romayne will check with Ralph Stewart regarding the borough's responsibilities.

In reference to activities planned for Talleyrand Park, Rob reminded us that the park will be expanding: the Talleyrand Park committee will need to keep apprised of the borough's plans.



Next meeting/Adjournment:


The next meeting will be held on Friday, January 19th, at 7:30 p.m., at the home of Jim and Gay Dunne.

Bob moved to adjourn the meeting, at 8:59 p.m. Melady seconded; motion approved.