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Minutes, March 17, 2000

Mark Van Horn, Acting Secretary


Present: True and Rob Fisher, Helen Bechdel, Gay and Jim Dunne, Sam Totor (Arts Administrator), Romayne Naylor (President), Lisa Horlein, Joelynn Snyder Ott, Sharon McCarthy, Vera Guertler, Ziggy Coyle, David Bauchspies, Mark Van Horn.


Locale: The Fisher residence


Meeting called to order by Romayne at 8:10 PM


Minutes: Mark distributed the minutes from the January meeting. It was discovered that "said" and "invested" were misspelled. True made and Helen seconded a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. The motion passed.


Treasurer's Report: No report.


Arts Administrator:


BHCA Gallery at the Gamble Mill:

True said that the current show is very nice. Rob said that it's nice and diverse. Helen added that the opening reception was well attended.


Old House Fair: No report.


Summer Sounds: No report.


Film Forum: Helen reported that it was a successful Film Forum with much enthusiastic interaction, but less attended. She said that attendance was in the high twenties to thirty. In addition, she credited Sam, Bob F., Jim, Paul P. and Colina for their help with the event.


Library Concerts: Helen said that the last concert was wonderful.


Local Government Grant: Gay reported that all of the paperwork has been completed.


Victorian Christmas: True distributed a report from the last committee meeting and briefly went over the resolutions pertaining to the letter sent to the committee by crafter Diane Zeidler. While she read the handout, she asked for added input. Main changes included a time change, better directions for shoppers to craft sites secondary to the YMCA and possibly giving vendors tags for parking in a designated area.


Old Business:

Mailing List - Has everyone had an opportunity to review it and have all copies been returned to Sam?


New Business:


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 10:20