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Minutes for Thursday, September 11, 2003

Centre County Courthouse, Court Room #2


Attending: Colleen Pike Blair (Secretary), Helen Bechdel, Gay Dunne, Jim Dunne, Bob Fenichel, Dick Knupp, Jr. , JoAnne Knupp, Lizmiriam Madrine, Sharon McCarthy, Romayne Naylor (President), Sam Totor (Arts Administrator), Kitty Wunderly.


The meeting was convened at 7:43 p.m. with brief introductions.


Review of minutes: Minutes to the June 12, 2003 meeting were reviewed. Bob F. moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Dick K. seconded; motion carried


Treasurer's Report: No report. Sam T. had budget info., but tabled until new Business.


Art Administrator's Report: Mail was distributed. Announcements:


Standing Committees:


Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Sharon reported new exhibit entitled, "Illuminations/2003, Works by Students of Ruth Kempner", Sept 12, 2003 to Jan. 10, 2004. Reception on Tues., Sept. 16 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Work in progress for next year's schedule, but thinking about children's exhibit w/ Bellefonte Schools.


Old House Fair: No report.


Summer Sounds: JoAnne K. reported. Attendance down from past seasons. Potential reasons could be unpredictable weather or people tired of same performers. One concert was moved to YMCA and another was cancelled. Discussed possibility of rainy day location other than YMCA. Garver Fund application submitted in May but lost by Garver Committee. Sam T. resubmitted copy to Ed Wertz.


Film Forum: Bob F. reported. Record attendance (150+) for "Iran: Changing Worlds". Garman Opera House Theatre was a good location. Kathy ladarola, owner, interested in more events. She received positive comments. She recommended only one film shown on more than one day. Collected $76 in donations. Committee is considering expanding the series and changing the dates to another time of the year (perhaps Feb.). Dick Knupp will chair the next forum. Someone should check with the American Film Institute for grants.


Library Concerts: Jim Dunne reported. This is Diane Gold Tolson's final season to chair the series, so a new chair needs to be found. Jim requested a budget increase of $150 for performers and $250 for D.G. Tolson. See New Business.


Victorian Christmas Arts and Crafts: No report.


Local Government Grants: No report.


Walking Tours: Romayne N. reported. Colina Jordan would like BHCA to gather all the info presented by the various tour guides. The accumulated info would be used to train other BHCA volunteers. This info would remain within BHCA and would not be provided to other organizations. Colina informed the Chamber of Commerce that BHCA will provide one tour during the Vict. Christmas Fair.


Old Business

New Business

        Jim D. made a motion for a budget increase for SAL of $150 for performers and $250 for D.G. Tolson, since this is her last season. Bob F. seconded; motion carried.

        Sam T. and True Fisher submitted a grant application to the Centre County Community Foundation for $6,500. This will be used to cover the accumulated deficit from FY2000 thru FY2004 of $8,643. The remaining deficit figure of $2,143 ($8,643-6,500= $2,143) will be used as the goal for the Corporate Sponsor Campaign.

        Ann Hartford has applied to another Centre County Community Foundation grant to purchase more iron benches and trash receptacles of a similar style. The benches and receptacles will replace the old ones downtown - Meeting reminders will go out two weeks prior to the meeting.


New... Old Business:

The location of meetings and its significance to the organization was discussed. Colleen B. moved to table this discussion. Seconded by Dick K.; motion carried.


In light of the discussion on meetings, the return of a BHCA Christmas Party was discussed. Liz M. and Kitty W. volunteered to organize.


Next meeting: November 20


Adjournment: Jim D. moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m. Gay D. seconded; motion carried.