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Meeting of June 10, 2005

Home of Cheryl & Paul DeCusati

137 W. Curtin St., Bellefonte PA


Present:  Romayne Naylor, president; Eric Naylor; Gay Dunne; Jim Dunne; Ziggy Coyle; David Bauchspies; True Fisher; JoAnn Knupp; Colina Jordan Seeley; Ralph Seeley; Lynne Heritage; Cheryl DeCusati; Paul DeCusati; Elizabeth Hay; Bill Hay; Mark VanHorn; Kitty Wunderly, Arts Administrator.


1.   The meeting was called to order by Romayne at 6:53 p.m.


2.   The minutes of the meeting of May 13, 2005, were reviewed. Jim moved to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Lynne; unanimously passed.


3.   Treasurer’s report: Dave Eggler was not present, no report was available.


4.   Arts Administrator’s report: No report.


5.   Committee reports: 

Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Jim reported that the “It’s All About Pastels!” exhibition is a wonderful show and had a very successful opening reception on June 7.  Colina commented on the numerous works that are Not For Sale; this had been noticed by others and the committee will be discussing this situation, which is a problem in that it reduces the possible commissions to BHCA.  Jim said that the committee continues to look ahead to the prospect of having two venues: the Mill and the match factory.

Summer Sounds:  JoAnn reported that unfortunately Cliff Turner and the Afterburners probably would not be able to perform this season, though there was a slight chance they could make it the weekend of the Arts & Crafts Fair (August 21), ending the season a week later than currently scheduled.  There was a Summer Sounds ad in today’s CDT Weekender, another in the Bellefonte Gazette tomorrow, and a second free ad in the Gazette later on. The Gazette kindly gave us one ad free for buying one.

Film Forum: Gay reported nothing new.

Sunday Afternoons at the Library:  Jim said that Diane Gold Toulson is working on the schedule for 2005/06.

Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts Show:  True said that the added venue of the exhibition hall at the American Philatelic Center will mean almost double the number of crafters in this year’s show.  This will be good for the BHCA bank account.  It was noted that Boalsburg is trying to enlarge its Christmas event and seeking craftspeople.  True asked everyone to pick up business cards from crafts shows they may attend this summer so that VicX applications can be mailed to the artists.  Ziggy suggested that these crafters be mailed an “unjuried acceptance” rather than an invitation to apply, the BHCA person who picked up the card having acted as the jury and decided that the items being offered would be suitable for the VicX show.


6.   Old Business

Bellefonte Visioning Project: Romayne has told the project planners that BHCA is not interested in being the “lead organization” for the proposed Main Street Project.  A non-profit organization must exist to receive the state funding for Main Street, and that organization (an existing one or a new one) would have all the responsibility for hiring staff, finding office space, setting up the payroll and benefits and other accounting systems, overseeing the project, etc.  HBI is not interested in this role either.  The status of the project seems uncertain at this time.  Romayne told those involved that BHCA would be supportive of the effort but would not give up our autonomy or take the lead.


7.   New Business

Gay mentioned that Rick Hirsch, State College musician/composer will be premiering his “Village Green in Blue” composition inspired by Bellefonte at the Garman in November.  Hirsch received a Local Government Grant this year for part of the funding, but was still looking for additional monies.


8.   Next meeting: To be announced.


9.   Adjournment: Jim moved to adjourn at 7:45 p.m.; seconded by Gay; unanimously passed.