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Meeting of July 22, 2005

Home of Kitty Wunderly

461 E. Howard St., Bellefonte PA


Present:  Romayne Naylor, president; True Fisher; Rob Fisher; Michelle Montes; Susan Gephart; Colina Jordan-Seeley; Ralph Seeley; Julia Kasdorf; Mary Vollero; Kitty Wunderly, Arts Administrator.


1.   The meeting was called to order by Romayne at 8:20 p.m.


2.   The minutes of the meeting of June 10, 2005, were reviewed. Rob moved to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Colina; unanimously approved.  The suggestion was made by Kitty that the minutes in future could be e-mailed to the BHCA list in advance of the meeting, being better informed might encourage more participation.


3.   Treasurer’s report: Dave Eggler was not present, no report was available.


4.   Arts Administrator’s report: Kitty said that the cacheted cover intended as a BHCA fund-raiser for Victorian Christmas is proceedings. Michelle has worked on a design for the postal cancellation.


5.   Committee reports: 

Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Kitty refilled the supply of price lists for “It’s All About Pastels” in anticipation of more traffic through for the Central Pa. Festival of the Arts. That show will be in place until the end of September.  Susan said the next exhibition will be titled “Food for Thought,” and as many new artists as possible are being invited to participate. It will be multi-media: painting, drawing, photography.

Summer Sounds:  Kitty said that Cliff Turner and the Afterburners agreed to play after all, and the timing of the last concert was changed to suit them, but then the group backed out of that date shortly after.

Film Forum: No report.  Mary noted that she has two long (almost one hour each) films from the Big Spring Film Festival of December 2004, one on Three-Mile Island and the other on Hiroshima, that might be suitable for Film Forum.

Sunday Afternoons at the Library:  no report.

Victorian Christmas Arts & Crafts Show:  True said that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Rob has to mount one of his works out West, so she will not be present for much of the lead-up time to the show.  Kitty said she will write something for the Bellefonte Gazette about BHCA and the Arts & Crafts Show to try to get some new volunteers.  True said we are still looking for new crafters so anyone attending a crafts event should take cards from exhibitors of attractive items.


6.   Old Business

Bellefonte Visioning Project: Romayne said that it seems likely that a new non-profit organization will be set up to run any new Main Street program in town, since neither Historic Bellefonte Inc. nor BHCA wants the job.  We would not be competing for the same money that a Main Street project would – arts vs. economic development – so there should be room for all of us.


7.   New Business

Colina mentioned the recent newspaper articles about the problems the Bellefonte Historical Railroad is having, and wondered if BHCA could offer some sort of mutually beneficial sort: co-sponsor an arts/railroad project and split the proceeds.  Romayne said she has written murder mystery plays for various groups and such a production could be staged on the train.  It was decided that BHCA should contact the railroaders and express our concern and offer to meet with them.


8.   Next meeting: Tentatively set for August 26 at the Musicks’ house. Susan and Colina and Ralph said they might be able to be hosts later this fall.


9.   Adjournment: Susan moved to adjourn at 9:40 p.m.; seconded by Michelle; unanimously approved.