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Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2009

Home of JoAnn & Dick Knupp


Attending: Dave Eggler (Treasurer, presiding), Jim and Gay Dunne, Ralph and Colina Seeley, JoAnn Knupp (Vice-President) and Dick Knupp, Romayne Naylor, True Fisher and Cheryl DeCusati


Minutes: Minutes of the February 13, 2009 meeting were reviewed. Joanne Knupp moved to approve, True Fisher seconded, and the minutes were approved as presented.


Treasurer: Dave Eggler had no formal report, but reported no significant changes since last month. About $600 has been received from the fundraising letter as of March 4, 2009. Application for the continuing grant, to the PA Council on the Arts, has been made. We have a new partner in State College to funnel our grant monies from this source. At the moment nobody could remember the name of this partner, however the grant application was hand delivered to them.


Local Government Grants: Gay Dunne reported that this program has received a stable award each year from the PA Council on the Arts. However, this may change next year.


Victorian Christmas: JoAnn Knupp recently called Neil Herlocher in regards to using the Heilig-Myers building to replace the American Philatelic Society for the Arts and Crafts Show and Sale. APS is now charging $800 for the space and that is prohibitively expensive. Herlocher won’t commit on his space until September. Joanne will call Bob Lamb, former APS director for advice on that space. Dave Eggler summed up previous discussion of using the Bellefonte Elementary School with a bad pun, “It all seems elementary to me.” For follow up with the school, Romayne Naylor said that Aaron Barto would be the facilities contact at Bellefonte Area School District. It was also reported that we pay the YMCA $400 for use of their space.


BHCA Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Jim Dunne reported that the June exhibit will be a one person retrospective of Ruth Kempner’s work. There will be a four person show in September, with Mary Vollero and three others. January is a Mary Cady Rubenstein retrospective.


Summer Sounds from the Gazebo: JoAnn Knupp met with the committee on February 19, 2009. The schedule is set. The Sunday night of the August Arts & Crafts Show downtown was scheduled, but the band has cancelled. Nine shows have been scheduled and there are three new bands. Dave Eggler said this program costs approximately $2500 in artist fees, mailings and ads. The collection at each show generally runs about $80 or $720 per season. If the Bellefonte Elks continue funding we should be in good stead for this program.


Colina Seeley recommended that children’s films be shown at Talleyrand Park on the third Sunday in August. Having popcorn and drinks available was discussed. Cheryl DeCusati and Romayne Naylor agreed to research and preview some films.


Old Business: Joanne Knupp reported that Cynthia Mazzant of Tempest Studios is willing to direct a minstrel show. Chuck Brown and Tom Parrish want to do “Who’s on First?” The theme will be World War II, with music from the 30’s and 40’s. Joanne is working on a recruitment letter to send to groups and individuals.


Nominating Committee: Jim Dunne and Colina Seeley requested names from the floor. Suggested were: Joanne Knupp, President, Romayne Naylor, Vice President, Erin McCall, Secretary and Dave Eggler, Treasurer (for life?). Gay Dunne moved to close nominations. As Erin wasn’t present, it was decided that if she will not accept, Mark van Horn will be solicited for the position.


Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on April 24, 2009 at 7 p.m. at the McCafferty House B & B, home of Dick and JoAnn Knupp, 441 North Spring Street, Bellefonte.


Adjournment: Gay Dunne moved to adjourn, True Fisher seconded, and a motion to adjourn passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Romayne B. Naylor, Acting Secretary