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BHCA Special Meeting
December 19, 2013, 7 PM
Home of Gay & Jim Dunne, Bellefonte

Present: Keith Koch, President, Jim Dunne, Secretary, Sally Houser, Jeanne Newlin, Gay Dunne, Joseph Griffin, Ralph & Colina Seeley, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Mary Vollero, Art Curtze, Julia Kasdorf, Melady Kehm, True Fisher, Gary Hoover. A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.

Keith reported that a closed meeting was held at the Bouough building today. Present were the Borough manager, Ara Kervandjian and his legal council, Keith Koch and the BHCA legal council, Bruce Manchester and three members of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. The PHMC reminded the group that the Pennsylvania History Code applied to the proposed Garman demolition; PDG/Bellefonte Mews must have a Section 106 review if the is to receive federal funds. PDG was remanded to the HARB to review a more complete design. Demolition has been put on hold.

An executive session was called by Keith to discuss legal issues.

After the executive session, Joanne Tosti-Vasey moved and Gary Hoover seconded the motion to approve Bruce Manchester to appeal the ruling of Commonwealth Court of 12/4/13 to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Joanne offered an amendment (Julia Kasdorf second) to have Bruce Manchester consult with Mark Zecca. The amendment was passed unanimously. The motion with the amendment was passed unanimously.

There was a discussion concerning pledges. The $100,000 grant will be returned to Don Hamer (motion: Joanne TV, Melady- passed unanimously). Joanne TV moved, Sally seconded, a motion to send a letter to all pledge donors releasing them from the December 31 due date and extending the pledges indefinitely. It was passed unanimously.

Jeanne proposed establishing a Bellefonte Historic Preservation Foundation. She presented the Windham Foundation of Grafton, Vermont as an example (, “to promote the vitality of Grafton and Vermont's rural communities through its philanthropic and educational programs and its subsidiaries whose operations contribute to these endeavors”. There was enthusiasm for this idea. It was referred to the Historical Preservation Committee (Joanne TV, JoAnn K, Sally, Gay, Romayne, Philip, Jeanne, Dave K., Jim) which will be scheduling its inaugural meeting in January.

Next Meeting - Friday, 7 PM, Jan. 10 at the home of True Fisher, 228 N. Allegheny St., Bellefonte

Jim Dunne, Secretary