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Friday, April 12, 2013

Location:  Home of True Fisher, 228 N. Allegheny St., Bellefonte

 Attendance: Keith Koch (president), Romayne Naylor (vice-president), Jim Dunne (Secretary), JoAnn Knupp, Dick Knupp, True Fisher, Gay Dunne, Sally Houser, Joann Tosti-Vasey, Dave Kurtz, Colina & Ralph Seeley, Nancy & Carl Miller, Gary Hoover (Chamber of Commerce).

 Minutes (3/26/13, available on line: Minutes approved.

 Treasurerís Report ( No discussion               

 Summer Sounds (JoAnn Knupp): Schedule attached.  Bonnie Leathers is working on Wednesday evening concerts.

 Bellefonte Victorian Christmas (Sally Houser): More activities are being considered for the Middle School to bring more traffic to the Arts & Crafts Show, such as Dickens Troupe, activities for children, jazz concert.  A meeting is planned for 4/16.

 Sunday Afternoons at the Library (SAL): Free Sunday Concerts at 2:30 PM.  Sunday, April 21 - Nittany Wind Quintet

 Gallery at the Gamble Mill: Art of the Bellefonte Schools, April 20 - June 1; reception 7-9PM, April 30. 

 Edible Landscape Garden: Work session scheduled for April 14.  Check out the new sign.

 Talleyrand Park Committee (True Fisher): A meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 29 with a walk through evaluation of the park.  The Bellefonte Walking Tour Map is at the printer for a blue line proof printing.

 Chamber of  Commerce ("Gary Hoover" <>):  A grant has been obtained to restore one car  of the Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society.  It may be ready for a tour in a year.  A car holds 80 people.
 An Antique Fair is scheduled for October on High St. between Allegheny & Spring Streets.  It will be the last show on an antique fair circuit.

 Garman Opera House: JoAnn talked with Ron Beard, the IDA lawyer who indicated that if we submitted a plan, due by May 15, we might be considered for the Garman.  Richard Hughes, of Hughes Engineering of Clearfield, a structural engineer, will tour the building and will provide a detailed report for a $650 fee.  Dick Knupp, Jr. will supply him with exterior photos.  Gay reported that the IDA will also obtain a structural & architectural assessment by Sky Limited within the next week.  Sally reported the HBI has a preservation covenant.  If BHCA or one of its umbrella groups obtains the property, HBI could ask the judge to revoke the covenant.  To get a loan, the IDA would need to approve the plan and the Borough may need to cosign.  The bank can work with pledges.  Joanne Tosti-Vasey moved and Carl seconded a motion that we approve $650 - $1000 of BHCA funds for the structural engineering evaluation by Hughes Engineering with a detailed analysis for restoration.  The motion passed.  If the report suggests that the Garman can be restored, we will call an emergency meeting of BHCA for further discussion.  Garman use: Tracy Hendricks had previously suggested an artistsí co-op; there are new members in our community who are interested in such a use.

 Old House Fair: No Discussion.

 Next Meeting: Friday, May 3, 7 PM,  at the home of Cecil And Sally Houser, 716 N. Allegheny St, Bellefonte.

 Respectfully submitted,  

 James Dunne, secretary