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Friday, May 3, 2013

Location: Home of Cecil & Sally Houser

Attendance:  Keith Koch (President), Romayne Naylor, (Vice President),Nancy & Carl Miller, Cecil & Sally Houser, Colina Seeley, True Fisher, Richard Knupp  and Joann Tosti-Vasey

 April 12, 2013 Minutes approved as read by Romayne Naylor, Vice President

 No Treasurer’s Report

 Garman Report – JoAnn Knupp’s emails read by Sally Houser:

May 1, 2013 -I took the letter and everything to Paul Badger today.   He said they are to meet on the 8th but that might be moved up.   Since, I had Keith sign the letter and his telephone number is on the letter, most likely he will get the call.

May 2, 2013 (received this from Tom Wilson) - Joann and Dick,  I applaud your efforts to explore options for the Garman.  I have had the opportunity to speak with Kathy Brown, Director of Marketing and Development  and Richard Biever, Managing Director of  the State Theatre in regard to your efforts.  They have indicated that they would be more then happy to speak with your group in order to present some of the ups and downs  that the State Theatre has experienced in the past number of years.  The State Theatre has learned a number of lessons during their grown and operation, and would be a wonderful resource in providing a more clear vision of what might lie ahead. ( Tom is trying to arrange a special meeting for the group with Richard Biever & KathyBrown)

May3, 2013 - Because Paul Badger wasn't home when Joann took all the paperwork, she put it in his mailbox, She then took a copy to Matt Hill who is now out of town for a week.  Paul did call Joann later.  Matt Hill told Joann if the group goes to the bank, it will carry more weight and he says there is no reason why we don't have more time.  Joann is going to the bank and see what Kerry O’Shea has for  us to fill out.

 Discussion: Newspaper article featuring Richard Knupp, Richard brought actual copies of what he sent for the article and the article did not relate most of what Richard actually gave the CDT, he did say that he did give them free rein with what he sent.   -True Fisher felt that Keith Koch should write a letter to the editor on behalf of BHCA & the Garman Group explaining that we are trying to preserve the Garman. Keith Koch , Joann Tosti-Vasey explained that they had discussed this with Joann Knupp and they felt it would be wise to wait until IDA had made a decision on the group’s letter keeping the relationship with IDA on an amiable level.

 Gamble Mill Gallery Reception, April 30, 2013 – Colina Seeley voiced concern that there did not seem to be enough BHCA members in attendance at the Gallery Reception and no one in charge to keep any kind of order and there was a great deal of confusion. Some people were not happy that the sculptures were downstairs. She requested that we organize this better for future receptions so that our guests actually have someone in charge of keeping order so there is less confusion.

 Concerts in the Park reported as set.

 Talleyrand Park Committee – Had there walk through the Park Committee Meeting on April 29, 2013 and True Fisher reported that park looks good for the upcoming season, the sculpture garden area has new fencing, and the edible garden is now ready for planting.

The new addition of the Walking Tour map is underway just waiting for it to be proofed and then it will be printed for distribution. Historic Bellefonte, Inc. is paying for the printing with CPCVB grant funds.

 Old House Fair – No Discussion Melady Kehm out of town until the end of May

 BVC Arts & Craft Fair Committee – True Fisher, Jim Dunne, and Sally Houser held a conference call with Dan Lowenstein one of the Middle School vendors who offered to help and give us ideas for this venue. The group discussed ways to increase traffic flow, costs to vendors to participate. Dan also suggested doing a survey of the vendors to see who might be willing to sell outside downtown around the Courthouse lawn area. Sally Houser will be working with Fullington Bus Service nest month to arrange BVC bus tours to get more visitors in town for the event. It was a good discussion.

 The HBI Cooperative Marketing Committee met on May 2, 2013 – Holly Wilson reported that there are grant funds still available from the 2012-2013 CPCVB grant and the group agreed that once she has the Garden Club Tour marketed if there are still funds available these funds should be used for publicizing other events which will include marketing of Summer Sounds in the weekender.

 Keith Koch read a Grant Request received from Bellefonte Victorian Christmas Committee to help retain the services of the “Dickens Troupe for the 2013 event.  However since the Treasurer was not in attendance it was decided to table the discussion and decision on the request until the next meeting in order to know what funds might be available.

 The next meeting will be at the home of Keith & Linda Koch, 110 Forge Road, Bellefonte, PA on Friday, June 7, 2013. It was suggested that the group come a little early and maybe have a potluck picnic. Keith Koch will let members know more on the picnic as soon as he is able to discuss it with Linda.

 Meeting was then adjourned. 

 Minutes taken & written by Sally Houser