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BHCA Special Meeting
September 29, 2013, 7 PM
Home of Jim and Gay Dunne

Keith Koch, President, called a special meeting to discuss two items

1) Discussion of our counsel’s contract & fee.

2) Discussion of BHCA's presence at the Garman Open House - (Friday, October 4, 10am  to ?)


Present: Keith Koch, President, Romayne Naylor, Vice President, Jim Dunne, Secretary, JoAnn & Dick Knupp, Susan & Gary Hoover, Nancy Miller, Jeanne Newlin, Gay Dunne, Joseph Griffin, Colina Seeley, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Mary Vollero, Arthur Curtze, Karen Arnold, Sally Houser, Nancy Noll, Dave Kurtz, Melady Kehm, Bruce Manchester, counsel.   A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.


Dues were received Nicole Hendricks, $2.  Dues paying members now total 33.


Mr. Manchester was present to answer questions about his contract and fee which is to cover the remaining legal activities concerning the Garman appeal process.


Question - In addition to the fixed fee, what additional costs might BHCA incur?

Answer: estimated costs

            Appellate Court - Normal fee $175 - $250

            Continuance - $10 each

            Court Costs - $400 - $500

            Transcription Costs - $300

            Reproduction of Records - $600 - $900

Federal Court - Electronic submission of documents only

            Database searches out side of  Counsel’s subscribed databases - Varies with database.

            Forensic Engineer - Varies

            Expert Witness - Necessary only if remanded to Centre County Court

Reference to cost of “investigations” was deleted  as it is not relevant to this phase of the case.


Counsel was authorized to consult with Philadelphia-based preservation lawyer - no charge.


A discussion followed about possible scenarios that might occur.


Mr. Manchester thanked the group and departed.


A ballot vote was held to accept Mr. Manchester’s contract & fee.  A “Yes” vote accepted the contract & fee;  a “No” vote rejected the contract & fee.  5 “Yes” votes by email were accepted.  Those present who had voted by email did not vote by ballot.  There was one abstention. 14 ballots were counted by Jim & Gay Dunne.  There were 14 “Yes” votes.  There were 0 “No” votes.  Final tally - 19 Yes, 0 No.  The Treasurer is instructed to pay Mr. Manchester’s fee.


A discussion was begun, but not completed, on the presence of BHCA at the October 4 invitation to walk through the Garman.



James Dunne, Secretary