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November 20, 7 PM
Bellefonte Art Museum

: Romayne Naylor, President, Keith Koch, Vice-President, Jim Dunne, Secretary, Dave Eggler, Treasurer, Gay Dunne, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Jeanne Newlin, True Fisher, Colina Seeley, Joseph Griffin, Melady Kehm, Julia Kasdorf, Patrick North.  A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.

Minutes - Minutes of 10/24/14 were approved (Colina, Joseph).

Treasurerís Report (Dave Eggler) - Treasurer report approved (Gary, True).
Click here to read the report.

Guest:  Jennifer Zeigler re: Girl Scout Little House - The Local Girl Scout Council will no longer support the costs associated for rent and maintenance.  By February, the local Girl Scouts need to sign a lease for $2500/yr  plus $700 for maintenance.  They are looking for community support and ideas to raise funds to support this cultural activity and tradition..  Ideas from our group: Centre Community Foundation; set up an endowment; seek donations from Girl Scout alumni; Rose Cologne could be a grant writer source; Centre County Historical Society because of the architecture and history of the building.  Attached is a card with information on making a donation.

Committee Reports:

Summer Sounds: No report.
Afternoons at the Library: Next Concert - Carolyn Gardner, flute - Feb. 8
Gallery at the Gamble Mill: OFF THE WALL - 3 Dimensional Art through Jan. 10
Bellefonte Victorian Christmas December 12-14: Brief update.
Poetry (Julia, Colina, Teresa): The committee is working on new dates for next season..  The last Friday of the month will not be available.

Old House Fair (October 23 & 24, 2015):  Joseph has put together a list of 50 topics to circulate to HARB and other groups (
click here to view the list) to help select topics for next October and as a promotion for the event.  The Match Factory can accommodate 150.  The successful  rehabilitation of the Match Factory will be used in the promotion.

Historic Preservation Committee: Silk Mill Section 106 review
Jeanne Newlin, chair, Gay Dunne, Philip Ruth, Dave Kurtz, Jim Dunne met on11/16.  Jim reviewed the K2 Consulting Services Report: Draft Determination of Effect Report: Bellefonte Flood Protection and Waterfront Protection Project (November 2014). It reflected the BAIDA intent re: property management.  The flood plain includes the area on the west bank of Spring Creek from Lamb St. To High St.  All the buildings except the freight building are in the flood plain (Silk Mill, Bellefonte Fuel and Supply Co. (Victorian Signs, 2 buildings). 
Click here for a document on history of Bellefonte Fuel & Supply. The plan is to put a flood wall to above the 100 year flood plain level and to fill in the area to above flood plain level, requiring the demolition of the Silk Mill (click here for a document on the Eagle Silk Mill) and the Bellefonte Fuel & Supply Co. Buildings.  The Army Corps of Engineers has the permit for the flood plain project which includes the demolition of the Silk Mill.  It will conduct the Section 106 review on 11/21/14 by conference call.  Our input will be for the mitigation.  The group selected Philip Ruth to be our representative to the review (with Keithís approval).  The mitigation might include a display along the planned Spring Creek walkway and possibly in a museum room in one of the new buildings which would document the demolished buildings, the history of the silk industry in Pennsylvania and the role of the JH & CK Eagle Silk Mill.

Talleyrand Park & Edible Landscape Garden Committees: Talleyrand Park Committee is celebrating its 40th year.  Perhaps there could be a newspaper article.

Old Business: Dave will write a letter for a fund raiser for 2014 (there was no fund raiser in 2013 because of the Garman effort).  Jim will add photographs.  The mailing will go out in early December.

New Business:

Bellefonte Historic Railroad Society Report (Keith):   The Santa Trainís 3600 tickes sold out in 4 days.  One of the Societyís cars will begin restoration in the near future.

Next BHCA Meeting: 7 PM, Friday, January 9, at the Bellefonte Art Museum.

Jim Dunne