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April 16, 2015, 7 PM
Dunne Home

Present:  Romayne Naylor, President, Dave Eggler, Treasurer, Jim Dunne, Secretary,  Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Melady Kehm, Nancy Perkins, Gay Dunne, Jeanne Newlin, Julia Kasdorf, Joseph Griffin, Keith Koch, Colina Seeley.  A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.

Minutes – Minutes of 3/27, 2015 were approved (Joanne, Keith)

Treasurer’s Report (Dave Eggler) – No report

Committee Reports

     Curtin Village – Call Gary Hoover to participate 355-2917.  There are railroad tracks to Curtin Village.  The Historic Railroad has run excursions there in past.  Romayne reported that the original Board is still there and there is a Curtin         Foundation

     Summer Sounds (Nancy Miller and JoAnn Knupp) – No Report

     Sunday Afternoons at the Library – Sundays, 2:30 PM     Next Concert:

                                                                                 Allegria Ensemble – May 17

     Gallery at the Gamble Mill – Continues closed

     Victorian Christmas (Romayne) – No report

     Poetry (Julia) – Next event is April 17, “Poem in Your Pocket.  Read your favorite poem.  May 8 hosted by Colina- James Brassfield

     Old House Fair (Joseph)- At the last meeting the committee discussed the merits of a fancy 2 day affair with a dinner vs. a modest 1 day affair.  Mary Sorensen (Executive Director, Centre County Historical Society) and Nancy Perkins are working with Erin Hammerstadt for funding including BHCA, sponsors and vendors. Date:  April, but not Blue & White game day.  Friday: PMHC program.  Saturday - ~ 10 speakers.  Hope to make it and annual event.  Romayne suggested a folder with vendor information, and consult with other organizations.  APS as a site for its historic appeal.  Posters could feature historic preservation stamps.

     Historic Preservation (Jeanne) – The Freight House presentation to BAIDA was will received, as was its use as a kayak museum.  BAIDA approved the concept and will get legal council involved.  We will present again to Borough Council at their next meeting including a brief discussion of the history of kayaking by Dave Kurtz.  The committee recommends naming the museum in honor of Dave Kurtz.  Consider getting a feature article int the CDT.

At risk properties: the Schaeffer Hardware building is now off the list.

    Edible Landscape Garden (Jim) We now have a Face Book page thanks to Wilda Stanfield

New Business - The Borough Council passed an ordinance requiring a $20  permit for use of the park. Multiple events can be covered with 1 permit.  BHCA will submit an application for Summer Sounds.

Next BHCA Meeting:  7PM, Friday, May 29 at the Bellefonte Art Museum.

Motion to adjourn at 8:43 PM (Joanne, Keith)

Jim Dunne, Secretary