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September 18, 2015, 7 PM
Bellefonte Art Museum

Present: Romayne Naylor, President, Keith Koch, VP, Dave Eggler, Treasurer, Jim Dunne, Secretary, Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Melady Kehm, Nancy Perkins, Gay Dunne, Jeanne Newlin, Joseph Griffin, Julia Kasdorf, Philip Ruth, Dave Kurtz, Sally Houser. A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.

Minutes – Minutes of 5/29/15 were approved (Melady, Dave K.)

Treasurer’s Report (Dave Eggler) click here for the report - $26,000 anonymous grant to Talleyrand Park. $27,000 donation to Historic Preservation Committee designated for the freight house project by Dave Kurtz. A motion to transfer the remaining Garman funds of $2117 to the Historic Preservation Committee was approved (Dave E., Keith). The Treasurer’s Report was approved (Gay, Joanne).

St. Paul AME Church presentation (Nancy Noll) - Nancy reported on the problems facing the church: money owed for last years’ heating; many physical problems being assessed by an architect; @ 15 members remain.  The new pastor, Dr. Donna King, wants to open the church to the community. Dr. King teaches women’s studies at PSU and has a special interest in the Underground Railroad; the AME church was a stop on the underground railroad as was the Linn House, now the Bellefonte Art Museum. Nancy has sent a fund raising email to our membership.

Committee Reports

Curtin Village – Oct. 28 will be a board organization meeting. Jeanne represents BHCA; Sally represents HBI; Ralph Seeley represents the Centre Centre County Historical Society; Sue Hannagen will represent the County for a few months. Joyce McMillen, PHMC, will be there. The State owns Curtin Village; PHMC manages it. They are impressed by the community support. The major problem is the septic system which floods during heavy rains and could be remedied by a new pump.

Summer Sounds - The last concert of the season was cancelled. Remind performers not to park on the race!

Sunday Afternoons at the Library – Fall Concerts, Sundays, 2:30 PM, Historical Museum:
Sept. 20 Camerata Amistad
Oct. 4 Arthur Goldstein Quartet
Nov. 15 Jay Vonada, swing-nova

Gallery at the Gamble Mill - No report

Victorian Christmas (Sally) - The State College Community Theater will replace the Dickens Troupe this year. There will be performances on Saturday & Sunday at the Middle School. There will be no community concert this year.

Poetry (Julia) - Fall Schedule, Fridays, 730 PM, Bellefonte Art Museum:
Sept. 25 Marian Dornel, author of The Unicorn in Captivity
Oct. 23 Gretta Haney, Erin Condo, Abby Minor, Nell Hansen, Rebecca Gaffron
November 17 Julia Swarstad, author of Jumping the Pit

Old House Fair (Joseph, Melady, Jeanne), April 29 & 30, 2016 - Logo selected: stamp scalloped border with streetscape line drawing from early BHCA logo. Donovan Rypkema, known for “Place Economics” well be the featured speaker. Current budget is $13,700. APS is reserved. Old House Fair is a collaboration of BHCA, Centre County Historical Society and American Philatelic Society. The tentative program:
Friday: “Historic Preservation as a Financial Stimulus for Communities”
Saturday: Exterior Preservation
Sunday: Interior Preservation
The committee is looking for corporate sponsors. 250,000 contacts are planned. The CCCB advertising grant through HBI is available. Sally needs information before Jan. 1.

Historic Preservation (Jeanne) - Freight house: Land Development Plan is well under way. We still hope to be able to do the move in November. Nancy is constructing a model. The Executive Committee is examining the proposed lease agreement with the Borough, and the Relocation Agreement involving BHCA, BAIDA and the Borough.

Talleyrand Park (True) - The trees have been removed for the freight house. The fountain relic has been installed by Roy Thornburgh. It still needs a fence and a sign.

New Business - General discussion of the tree ordinance and the facade grants

Next BHCA Meeting: 7PM, Friday, October 30, at the Bellefonte Art Museum or the AME Church. The Bellefonte Museum will be open on Fridays in the near future; we will need to find a new location for Friday night meetings

Motion to adjourn (Joanne, Jeanne)

Jim Dunne, Secretary