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January 14, 2016, 7 PM
Train Station

Present:  Romayne Naylor, President, Keith Koch, Vice-president, Jim Dunne, Secretary,  Melady Kehm, Nancy Miller, Jeanne Newlin, Joseph Griffin, Susan Hoover, Gary Hoover, Philip Ruth, Sally Houser, Nancy Perkins.  A quorum was in attendance as defined by the BHCA bylaws.

Minutes – Minutes of 11/20/15 were approved as amended: no Sunday program for Old House Fair. (Joseph, Sally)

Treasurer’s Report (Dave Eggler)  Click here to read the Report - Approved (Susan, Gary).

Committee Reports

     Curtin Village (Jeanne {Secretary}, Gary {Treasurer), Sally {Membership Committee}) – Bylaws Committee: Gary & Susn Hoover, Tom Cancich, Gloria Briggs.  They are working on new committees and their structure.  Jumping the Pit poetry chapbook with a poem about Curtin Village could be sold at Curtin Village and Centre Furnace as fund raiser for Curtin Village.  The carriage is in very good shape.  It was restored by Dick Brown

     Summer Sounds - (Nancy Miller) - The old standards are returning.  The committee is working on the open dates

     Sunday Afternoons at the Library – Sundays, 2:30 PM, Historical Museum:

            January 31 - Nittany Wind Quintet                                      March 6 -  Easterly Chamber Players                                 March 20 -  Anne-Marie Hildebrandt, Celtic harp, Paul Kim, cello                   May 15 -  Curtin Street Chamber Players

     Victorian Christmas - The Christmas Choir will be resurrected with Trish Andriaccio as choir director.

     Poetry (Julia) - Philip brought in the Bellefonte Basket (circa 1890-1920) donated by the Mott Estate (Mott Drug Store, 132 S. Allegheny St.)  The Bellefonte Basket was a cottage industry on N. Spring St.  History presented by Romayne.  The basket will be exhibited at the Centre County Library Historical Museum.

    Old House Fair (Joseph, Melady, Jeanne), April 29 & 30, 2016 - Joseph gave an entertaining overview of the fund raising efforts.  He requested a $1000 donation from BHCA.  A motion to approve the donation was approved (Sally, Keith).

    Historic Preservation (Jeanne) - Freight house: Nancy Perkins discussed the preliminary design for the museum interior.  She showed a sample of a plastic sign material

    Talleyrand Park (True) - No report

New Business - 1. Volunteer Fair is March 5 at the APS.  BHCA has exhibited for the last 3 Fairs and will be present this year. 

2. Gary showed a booklet Jim Thorpe with simple drawings of its architecture.  A similar booklet might be useful to promote Bellefonte.  A poster of Bellefonte Archicture was also proposed.

3.  A Bellefonte marketing consultant engaged by HBI and the Chamber will present a set of tour packages which will emphasize the iron industry and historic architecture,  January 29, 1 PM at the APS (Sally).

Next BHCA Meeting:  7PM, Friday, February 12 at the Train Station

Jim Dunne, Secretary