Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

October 1996 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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Gallery at The Gamble Mill




Children's Poems & Stories


Sponsored by

The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


October 5, 1996 - November 16, 1996

Opening and Reception, October 8



Mary Beth Ruby

Susan Chandler Lemmo

Ruth Kempner


Once upon a time, most of us could easily enter a world of imagination filled with kings and princesses, flying carpets, fairies, and moonbeams.  The artists have created this exhibit with the hope that, in reaching for their own lost magical places, they could help you to begin the search for your own childhood dreams.





Papier maché sculptures

2. Blackbird Pie                                                                           $200

9. The Owl and the Pussycat                                                         $80

10. Jabberwocky                                                                          $300

11. Mr. McGregor's Garden                                                         $150

14. Ferdinand                                                                               $300

15. Princess on the Pea                                                                $350

19. Cow Jump'd o'er the Moon                                                    $250

21. Rapunzel                                                                                $350

22. The Fox and the Grapes                                                           $95

25. The Old Man with a Beard                                                      $95

26. The Children Who Went to Sea                                             $175





Watercolor paintings

1. When I Was Seven                                                                  NFS

6. Doctor Doolittle's Menagerie                                                   $285

7. The Snow Queen                                                                     $280

12. The Heron and the Turtle                                                       $285

17. Mistress Mary Quite Contrary                                                $400

23. The Seven Foals                                                                    $400

24. Once Upon a Time                                                                $150






3. Aesop's Peacock                                                                      $225

4. Hansel and Gretel                                                                    $250

5. The Borrowers                                                                     $250

8. Wynken, Blynken, and Nod                                                    $285

13. A Thousand and One Nights                                                 $300

16. The Emperor's Nightingale                                                    $300

18. Cinderella                                                                   Collection of Dr. & Mrs. S. Rickard

20. The Princess and the Pea                                                       $285



Susan Chandler Lemmo, who holds the MFA from Penn State, is an art teacher for the Curwensville Area School District.


Mary Beth Ruby exhibits her papier mache sculptures in shops and galleries throughout Pennsylvania.  Here she has combined sculpting with woodcarving, fabrics, and other media.  She lives in Bellefonte.


Ruth Kempner is a Fine Arts graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City.  A resident of Clearfield, she is a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.