Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

March 1996 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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Gallery at The Gamble Mill






Sponsored by

The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


March 9, 1996 - April 20, 1996

Opening and Reception, March 12





Screenprint: a fourteen-color screenprint hand-printed at Dolphin Press in Centre Hall and

 Lemont.  The 14 color separations were drawn individually by the artist, and printed with a direct, positive stencil method, modified for the exigencies of the image.  Sixty prints were produced, each numbered, titled and signed in pencil by the artist.

1. Waterlilies                                                                       $625


Oil on canvas paintings

6. Almost Spring                                                              $3,000

7. Sentinel at Curtis Island                                               $7,000

8. Frozen Brook                                                               $3,000

9. Sunrise at Sprucehead                                                  $8,000

10. Clear and Gusty                                                         $12,500

11. Rolled Shocks                                                            $8,500

18. Horserace Brook                                                        $7,500

19. Fall at Tusseyville                                                      $6,200





Pastel paintings

12. Drifting Fog                                                                 $275

13. Dreamscape I                                                               $275

14. Dreamscape II                                                              $275

15. Marsh in Blue                                                              $300

16. untitled                                                                         $275

17. Moonscape                                                                   $275





Watercolor paintings

2. Tapestry Flower (watercolor & fabric)                         $150

3. Yellow Rose                                                                $125

4. Petunias                                                                        not for sale

5. Black Eyed Susans                                                      not for sale

20. Green Mountain                                                         $225

21. Blue Mountain                                                           $225

22. Snowy Mountain                                                       $350

23. Footbridge                                                                  not for sale

24. Meadow                                                                     $285

25. Waterlilies                                                                  $75



Vincent Carducci received a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State and currently resides in Millheim.  Painting from life in each season, he is known for his direct and spontaneous landscapes of Pennsylvania, Maine and the Rocky Mountain states.  A painterly realist, Carducci has extended his early watercolor methods through to his broader style of oil on canvas.  Printmaking has allowed another avenue for reductive and additive processes, playing out transparency with local color, and the union of natural imagery with a fluid, personal handling of pigment. 

His work has had 16 solo exhibitions and is included in a range of private and public collections.  Museums that have invited his work in exhibition include The Palmer Museum of Art, The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, and The Portland Museum of Art.


David Paden is an elementary school music teacher from Bellefonte who is interested in folk music and collecting folk instruments.  Influenced by his artist brother, he took up drawing in 1983.  After much trial and error and "endless frustrations" with oils, markers, oil crayons and charcoal, he turned to pastels and was hooked.  "My interest lay in nuance and atmospheric conditions, and pastels fit in," he says.  In his "Dreamscapes", he is "aiming for a peaceful, relaxing quality; I'm not interested in the torment of nature such as the sky just before a storm."


Michael Theuer is a self-taught artist living in Bellefonte who works as a child therapist.  He also teaches watercolor painting and drawing at Penn State and draws pencil portraits for private and business clients on commission.