Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

August 1997 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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Gallery at The Gamble Mill




Photographic Moments


Sponsored by

The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


August 16 - October 4, 1997

Opening and Reception, August 19





 1.  Monet's World, with Japanese Bridge (Giverny, France, 1994) (cibachrome)        $390 ($270)*

 2. Monet's World: Water Lilies (Giverny, France, 1996) (cibachrome)                               NFS    

12. Four Women: Monument to the Souliote Women (Preveza, Greece, 1985)         $390 ($270)

13. Fallen Angel (Montrésor, France, 1995)                                                              $270 ($150)

14. Church of the Holy Spirit: Sweeping Monk (Florence, 1980) (cibachrome)        $390 ($270)

17. Venice: Rainy Day (1996)                                                                              $240 ($120)

18. Venice: Canal (1996)                                                                                      $240 ($120)

19. The Archways (La Rochelle, France, 1982) (cibachrome)                                      $390 ($270)

20. Castle Window (Italy, 1993) (cibachrome)                                                          $390 ($270)

21. Castle Cafe ("Schloss Cafe," Kassel, Germany, 1990)                                             $270 ($150)

22. Staircase with Geranium (Italy, 1993)                                                              $240 ($120)

23. Traffic Mirror (Prague, 1995)                                                                            $240 ($120)

24. Dog on Rooftop and Spire of Notre Dame (Paris, 1981)                                  $270 ($150)

25. Descending the Pyramid (Yucatan, Mexico, 1996) (cibachrome)                           $390 ($270)

26. Old Castle Stairs (Prague, 1983)                                                                        $300 ($180)

27. Tanneries (Fez, Morocco, 1995)                                                             $270 ($150)

28. Lunch Time (Church of St. George, Old Cairo, 1992)                                             $270 ($150)

29. Farmhouse near Paris: Geraniums                                                                  $270 ($150)

30. Rome: Open City (color reversal)                                                                      NFS

31. Parisian Metro                                                                                                $240 ($120)

32. Czech Grandmother ("Babicka")                                                                   $270 ($150)


                                                     *Second price listed is for the unframed photograph only.





 3. Summer/Winter Bride Spirit (11x14)                                                                $250

 4. My Farm, Walnut Trees after Winter Storm (16x20)                                        $325

 7. Aster Flowers and Harriet (16x20)                                                                   $325

 8. Portrait of the Wind, Cloth Touching Yarrow (16x20)                         $325

 9. Springtime Spirit (11x14)                                                                                 $250

10. Summer Spirit/ Winter Hills (11x14)                                                               $250

11. Wild Yarrow Flowers, P.E.I., Canada (11x14)                                               $250

15. Susan, Daisies and Timothy (11x14)                                                               $250

16. Wild Butterfly Weed (11x14)                                                                          $250

33. Farm Trees, Winter (8x10)                                                                              $175

34. Walnut Trees & Dames Rocket Flowers, Spring (8x10)                                 $175

35. My Farm Lane, Summer (8x10)                                                                      $175

36. My Farm Field, Fall (8x10)                                                                             $175





5, 6, 37, 38, 39: Visions of Grace Series                                                  $175 each


Unframed prints are also available.  All images are printed on Ilford Gallerie®

fiber-based, archival photographic paper and matted with pure rag museum board.



Marianna Mares Archambault, a graduate of State College High and of Penn State, joined the faculty at Bucknell University after receiving her doctorate in French at Penn State.  After her first photography exhibit, in 1991, she won several prizes in photographic competitions, including "Best of Show" in the Lewisburg Art Festival, 1994.  She has also displayed in galleries in State College.

     Some of her photographs, all of which are in color, reflect her visits to Mexico, Egypt, and Morocco, but most of them were taken during her travels to Europe, especially to France, Italy, and her native city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

     In her frequent visits abroad, she is often struck by the instantaneous occurrence, the moment that can never be reproduced: on Monet's pond at Giverny, the shifting light and cloud patterns create a unique image of water lilies; in Paris, a dog scampers out to the roof of a building, indifferent to the majestic spire of Notre Dame at his back; in Florence, a monk sweeps the pavement in front of the huge church door; and at Chichenitza (Yucatan), tourists scamper down the imposing Maya pyramid, proving once again that one can never take the identical photograph twice.  Each is indeed a "Photographic Moment."


Jennifer Anne Tucker received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Penn State.  She and her husband, Gerald Lang, who teaches photography at Penn State, have renovated an 1820's farm in Spring Mills.  There at Hillcrystal she pursues her photographic art, rides and trains horses, raises chemical-free oats and hay, and creates tea, flower, and herb products for sale.  She has long-standing interests in Holistic healing, herbs and poulticing, and nutritional native plants.  She finds that the techniques acquired in working spiritually, intuitively, and in partnership with healing plants create bridges to her photographic experiences.

     Ms. Tucker has exhibited throughout the US, including THE BUS SHOW on NYC public buses, National Juried Exhibitions at the PA Festival of the Arts, and The Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville.  Her collections reside at a number of museums including the Corcoran.


Teri Schau of State College received her B.F.A. from Penn State with an emphasis in black & white photography.  She has worked in various photography stores and printed and photographed for Penn State's PhotoGraphics Department.  Her passion for the arts is expressed in the exceptional quality of tonal ranges in her printing techniques.  Her work is shown in galleries and exhibitions throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states, and has been published in area magazines and international books.  She continues to build her portfolio, to freelance, and to operate The Darkroom, a custom B&W print processing lab.