Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

January 1998 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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Art from the Bald Eagle Area Schools


Sponsored by

The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


January 24, 1998 - March 14, 1998

Opening and Reception, January 27


organized by

The Bald Eagle Area Art Department

Cindy Slother, Luke Laubscher, Janice Heverly,

& James Jackson


1.  Jaimie Confer, grade 10                      acrylic mask                            Mr. Jackson    

2.  Amy Crowley, grade 12                     acrylic mask                            Mr. Jackson

3.  Emily Yearick, grade 11                     acrylic mask                            Mr. Jackson

4.  Cody Lucas, grade 5                           colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

5.  Megan Heverly, grade 5                     colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

6.  Mark Bowling, grade 11                     acrylic landscape                     Mr. Jackson

7.  Holly Probst, grade 11                        acrylic mask                            Mr. Jackson

8.  Emmy Richards, grade 6                     colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

9.  A group of model magic acrylic pins from 4th graders of Ms. Slother:

                 Danielle Noll, Triple Heart

                 Courtney Garner, Wreath

                 Joseph Boyer, Santa

                 Misty Hammond, Snowman

                 Amelia Kristofic, Turtle

                 Katie Burr, Blueheart

                 Matt Smith, Bowling Pins

                 Megan Tryanuski, Balloon

                 Rachel Gray, Butterfly

                 Tyler Walter, African Mask

                 Jerad Ghaner, Volcano

                 Toby Sheckler, Arrowheart

                 Daniel Defrate, Comet

                 Desiree Woodring, White Mask

10. Betsy Mills, grade 6                           colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

11. Kurtis Viehdorfer, grade 1                 torn tissue paper                      Ms. Slother

12. Mark Bowling, grade 10                    acrylic mask                            Mr. Jackson

13. Brittany Guenot, grade 4                    colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

14. Tanner Reed, grade 4                     colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

15. Kelly Shutika, grade 4                       colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

16. Eric Murnyack, grade 11                   embossing                               Ms. Heverly

17. Kristin Klinger, grade 9                     linoleum print                          Ms. Heverly

18. Heather Alterio, grade 9                     linoleum print                          Ms. Heverly

19. Rob Soltis, grade 9                             colored pencils/monoprint       Ms. Heverly

20. Justin Raymond, grade 4                    pencil                                       Mr. Laubscher

21. Emily Hassinger, grade 6                   colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

22. Laura Rogus, grade 6                     colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

23. Katelyn Seprish, grade 6                    colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

24. Nick Monrow, grade 2                       colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

25. Amanda Everet, grade 7                    scratch board                           Ms. Heverly

26. Megan Dieterly, grade 5                    watercolor                               Ms. Slother

27. Kathy Kasper, grade 9                       embossing                               Ms. Heverly

28. Amanda Noel, grade 5                       watercolor                               Ms. Slother

29. Brandon McKean, grade 7                 scratchboard                            Ms. Heverly

30. Mayleen Brown, grade 5                   colored pencils                        Ms. Slother

31. Emily Martz, grade 9                        colored pencils                        Mr. Jackson

32. Jessica Shivery, grade 5                     colored pencils                        Mr. Laubscher

33. Brittany Miller, grade 4                      pencil                                       Mr. Laubscher

34. Brittany Witherite, grade 3                 marker                         Mr. Laubscher

35. Anikke Myers, grade 10                    linoleum/monoprint                 Ms. Heverly

36. Josh Scott, grade 12                           monoprint under linoleum       Ms. Heverly

37. Heather Arnold, grade 12                  linoleum print                          Ms. Heverly

38. Jim Watson, grade 11                       linoleum/monoprint                 Ms. Heverly

39. Emily Yearick, grade 11                    acrylic painting                        Mr. Jackson

40. Lynn Sherry, grade 12                       acrylic painting                        Mr. Jackson

41. Holly Probst, grade 12                       acrylic painting                        Mr. Jackson