Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

September 1998 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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Gallery at The Gamble Mill




Across the  Seven Mountains: Three Artists of Mifflin County


Sponsored by

The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


September 26 - November 14, 1998

Opening and Reception, September 29




29.  Bluebells (watercolor)                                                          NFS

30.  Hotel Kieffers (watercolor)                                                      NFS

31.  Impatiens (watercolor)                                                             $295

32.  Wild Asparagus (watercolor)                                                   $500

33.  A Singular Pear (colored pencil)                                                $95

34.  Quarry Thistle - reference drawing (pencil)                             $185





  1.  Self Portrait (mixed media)                                                      NFS

15.  Mamma's Babies (mixed media)                                              $100

16.  Joet (mixed media)                                                                     $75

17.  Angelina (acrylic)                                                                    $300

18.  Organic Close-Up I (mixed media)                                            $50

19.  Organic Close-Up (mixed media)                                              $50

20.  Roaming Rivlet (mixed media)                                                $200

21.  Sinew & Soul (mixed media)                                                   $200

22.  Jubilation Celebration (mixed media)                                       $200

23.  Technical Treat (mixed media)                                                $200

24.  Rosalee (mixed media)                                                             $150

25.  Anna (watercolor)                                                                    $100

26.  The Goddess (watercolor)                                                        $100

27.  Reflective Moment (mixed media)                                           NFS

35.  Red Lipped Gal (watercolor)                                                   $150





  2.  The Conversation (watercolor)                                                $175

  3.  Winter on Tuscarora Creek (watercolor)                                  $235

  4.  Millheim Cab Co., I (watercolor)                                             $235

  5.  River Fisherman (watercolor)                                                  $235

  6.  The Red Door (watercolor)                                                      $125

  7.  Fireplug & Fence (watercolor)                                                 $100

  8.  December at Greenwood (watercolor)                                     $100

  9.  Saturday on the Juniata (watercolor)                                        $265

10.  Der Weagi Schoop (watercolor)                                              NFS

11.  Autumn Storm Clouds, Kish Valley (watercolor)                    $175

12.  The Harvester (watercolor)                                                      $265

13.  Brindel's Hardware (watercolor)                                              NFS

14.  Retirant (watercolor)                                                                $235

28.  Another Man's Treasure (watercolor)                                      $175

36.  Millheim Cab. Co., II (watercolor)                                           $100


Thomas Betush of Milroy has degrees in Conservation (Environmental Science) and Art Education from Penn State.  He uses traditional watercolor techniques to paint subjects indigenous to central Pennsylvania, including rural landscapes and vignettes of local plants and artifacts.

     He finds that strong observational and technical skills are essential.  He writes, "I apply multiple washes of diluted color to produce works with a degree of subtlety, complexity, and luminosity difficult to achieve with other methods and materials.... [and] It is my belief that the more the artist sublimates his ego in the creative process, the stronger and more accessible the work will be."

     Tom's paintings have received local and regional recognition, and his prints are found in collections worldwide.  He participates in local shows and festivals, including the Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair, and displays his works in many area shops and galleries.


Cassie Campbell of Burnham holds the BFA degree in Printmaking from Edinboro and a BS in Art Education from Indiana Univ. of PA.  She has been Executive Director of the Mifflin-Juniata Arts Council and is presently an art instructor in the Mifflin County School District.

     She writes "My work as of late seems to be figurative in nature.  I like the spark of personality that appears regardless of distortions.  Humans are so fascinating and give me pleasure to draw and paint.  Whatever it is about a good structure or a landscape or a still life, for that matter, has evaded my attempts to capture it on paper or canvas.  The figure is a wordless storyteller, conveying its story of emotions or social standing and relationships through its poetry of movement... The medium is dictated by what's available usually.  A curse of sorts, making me a master of none and a dabbler of many."


Larry Groninger of Lewistown received an AB in Art from Wilkes University, the MFA in Painting from the Stella Elkins Tyler School of Art of Temple University, and has done postgraduate work at Penn State.  As a graphic artist with over 20 years experience, he is the owner of Mifflin County Printing.

     Fascinated by the effect of light on objects, Larry's primary goal is to dramatize his subject matter through the interplay of contrasts, color, and value.  He is attracted by ordinary, everyday and sometimes overlooked objects.  Many of his themes are selected from the surrounding locale.  He believes common objects have an artistic sophistication and pictorial value.  By emphasizing certain of their compositional elements, he invites us to see these images as he does.

     Larry works methodically, using his photographs and sketches as resources.  Preliminary drawings are rendered; often color studies are made to test color theories and to check values.  These colors are usually reduced to a maximum of two or three predominate hues.  Finally a full size drawing is made and transferred to the working surface. 

     Larry is always searching for new challenges and welcomes commissions.