Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

January 1999 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)

Gallery at The Gamble Mill




Recent Works


Funded in part by

The Borough of Bellefonte


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


January 15 – March 4, 1999

Opening and Reception, January 18




(all mixed media)


  1.  Complacency Barrier                                                                 $100

  5.  Site Specific                                                                                 $50

  6.  Insight                                                                                          $50

  9.  Accessibility                                                                                 $40

10.  Sighting                                                                                        $40

11.  Accessing                                                                                     $40

12.  Access III                                                                                   $200

13.  Happy                                                                                        $100

14.  Access IV                                                                                  $200

16.  Limited Access                                                                            $50

20.  Milking the System I                                                                    $90

22.  Milking the System II                                                                   $90

23.  Soft Echo                                                                                     $50

25.  Air Filter                                                                                  $1000

26.  Pillow                                                                                         $100

27.  Integrated System                                                                       $100

29.  Duct                                                                                             $40



(all oil paintings)


  2.  Tug of War                                                                                  $60

  3.  Together for Now                                                                        $40

  4.  High Rollers                                                                                 $40

  7. Small Painting Number One                                                         $40

  8.  The Distance Between Us                                                         $500

15.  I Get the Joke                                                                             $200

17.  Overpowering Green                                                                   $40

18.  Look Out!                                                                                    $40

19.  Unwelcomed Change                                                                  $40

21.  I See You                                                                                   $350

24.  Blocked View                                                                              $60

28.  Avoiding the "Pull"                                                                       $150




This exhibition of RECENT WORKS by two student artists from Penn State explores the ways that people perceive and relate to materials and images.  The two artists use quite different approaches, but both sets of work gently demand the viewer to stop and look, and in that way ask for communication and involvement.


Michael Miller is a Bellefonte native who graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  He also attended Slippery Rock University under a printmaking scholarship.  Currently Michael is an undergraduate at The Pennsylvania State University, pursuing a B.F.A. in painting and drawing and a B.A. in Art Education.  Michael has been busy over the last eight months, exhibiting in eight regional shows.

     Michael's multi-media art explores the possibilities of materials and the activation of sculptural space, while continuing to expand on pictorial illusion.  Much of the work exhibited here uses common recycled materials.  His work touches on influences from the environment, humor and inventiveness, and art history.  His pieces also reference a structural integrity that mimics a sense of fragility and inevitable clarity.


    Michael Yoder grew up in Reedsville in Mifflin County and is currently a junior at The Pennsylvania State University working toward a B.F.A. degree in painting and minor degrees in art history and English.  Michael works primarily with oil paint on canvas.  His subject matter consists of imaginary landscapes void of figural representation.  His images reference history and art history through stylistic and sometimes architectural means.  While creating images that contain dwellings and spaces that seem to reference life, the artist neglects to include figures, addressing the current push toward information and technology over human relations.