Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

November 1999 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association (BHCA)

Gallery at The Gamble Mill





A look at Bellefonte's glorious past, transformations to its present, and a peek at its future through old and new photographs, drawings and paintings, and architectural drawings


Funded in part by

The Borough of Bellefonte


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


November 13 – December 23, 1999

Opening and Reception, November 16


JOHN FALATOVICH (color photography)


1.  View East Across Allegheny Street from The Linn House                                                NFS

4.  100 Block of High Street                                                                                                   NFS

5.  Temple Court & Episcopal Church Spire from Brockerhoff Roof                             NFS



2.  High Street                                                                                                             NFS


OLGA HOOLEY (watercolors)


12.  The John Blair Linn House                                                                                              NFS

14.  Concert in the Park                                                                                                           $350


STEVE HEVERLY (photography)


18.  Allegheny Street (hand-tinted B&W)                                                                                 $85

19.  Bellefonte Elks Club (hand-tinted B&W)                                                                          $85

20.  Bellefonte Big Spring (hand-tinted B&W)                                                                         $85

21.  George A. Miller Hardware (hand-tinted B&W)                                                               $85

22.  Bellefonte Old Home Week Parade (hand-tinted B&W)                                                   $85

23.  Bellefonte Library (hand-tinted B&W)                                                                              $85

26.  A Bellefonte Photo History (collage)                                                                               $175

30.  Bellefonte Train Station – Snow (SX-70 enlargement)                                                      $75

31.  Bellefonte To Be (SX-70 enlargement)                                                                              $75

34.  The Mill (SX-70)                                                                                                            


BILLY MILLS (paintings)


16.  Laundry at Centre Crest, ca. 1930s                                                                                  NFS

17.  View from Half Moon Hill                                                                                              NFS


GUY BROWN (paintings)


27.  Bush Arcade                                                                                                                    NFS

28.  Gamble Mill                                                                                                                     NFS

29.  Hastings Mansion                                                                                                             NFS


SUSAN STRUBLE (pencil drawing)


15.  Gamble Mill                                                                                                                     NFS


ROB GANNON (photography)


14.  Bush House                                                                                                                      NFS

32.  Reflection of the Past: The Big Spring                                                                             NFS


JIM DUNNE (photography)


6.  State Theatre/Garman Opera House, ca. 1972                                                                   NFS

7.  Crider Exchange                                                                                                                NFS

8.  Gazebo & Train Station, Talleyrand Park                                                                          NFS

11. Brockerhoff Hotel, ca. 1972                                                                                              NFS


DAVID HAMILTON (B&W photography)


24. Tribute to Bellefonte Fire and Rescue Squads, ca. 1970s                                    NFS





3.   Photograph of a large painting owned by the Logan Fire Company: Reynolds Bank Building Fire.  Painted by Charles P. Hilder (1855-1927) in 1887.  Hilder lived in Bellefonte from 1884-1887.  The bank is on the corner of S. Allegheny and High Streets. 


9.  Student Interpretations on Bellefonte: one of the urban plans produced by student architects at Penn State under the direction of Assistant Professor Christopher Diehl, 1999-2000


10.  Things Remembered… Center, The Big Spring.  Clockwise from upper left: (1) Home removed at corner of Allegheny & Howard Streets, replaced by commercial building.  (2) & (3) Former home of Daniel Bush on S. Spring Street, remodeled for Markland Hotel; now home to the VFW. (4) The Valentine home on the corner of Bishop & S. Allegheny converted to the Brant Hotel, now the site of Mike’s Video building. (5) Former home of P. Gray Meek on W. High Street, currently a municipal parking lot across from the Train Station. (6) Early home on High Street, converted for use as YMCA; torn down when YMCA rebuilt. (7) Home removed at corner of Howard and Allegheny, replaced by Centre County Library. (8) The McClain Building, replaced by Talleyrand Park. (9) & (10) Brockerhoff Hotel, burned and rebuilt in 1865; redesigned by Robert Cole in the 1890s by adding a fourth floor and interesting roof design; presently a Senior Citizens Residence. (11) Former home of Andrew Gregg Curtin, presently the Bellefonte Elks Lodge. (12) Home at corner of Howard & Allegheny, replaced by Post Office. (13) Former home of James Beaver on the corner of W. Curtin and N. Allegheny, replaced by present house. (14) Early home adapted for use as Beezers Meat Market, removed and replaced by G.C. Murphys, now the Bellefonte Bakery.  Photos assembled for the Bellefonte Bicentennial Calendar


25. Pine Street at the top of Stoney Batter, ca. 1870s.  One of the houses was the caretaker’s cottage for the Friends’ meetinghouse.  Anonymous but perhaps attributable to Jeremy Wilson.  Original in the Centre County Library and Historical Museum.


33. Talleyrand Park Footbridge Design, by Kerry A. Uhler & Associates, Bellefonte.  Creation of the park by the Talleyrand Park Committee, now a part of BHCA, was a key element in the revitalization of Bellefonte and, at the time, a vision of the future.



THANKS TO: George Shugert at Omega Bank, Bellefonte, for loan of the John Falatovich photographs, Rob and True Fisher for loan of the Fire Company photograph, Melady Kehm and Rob Gannon for loan of the footbridge design, Gay and Jim Dunne and Adam and Art for loan of the Billy Mills, Guy Davis, and Beverly Klucher paintings, Colina Jordan for Bellefonte Collects and the Susan Struble drawing, and Candace Dannaker for the Bicentennial Calendar.