Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

June 1999 Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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The Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association

Gallery at The Gamble Mill



Mary Thompson & Alyce Ritti


Funded in part by

The Borough of Bellefonte


The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

June 19 – August 7, 1999

Opening and Reception, June 22



(all wood engravings in black and white)


1. Succulents  10” x 8”

2. Roses  10” x 8”

3. Winter  4” x 3”

4. Four sunflowers  5” x 8”

5. Cactus  4” x 3”

6. Window  4” x 3 ¾”

7. Aloe  5” x 8”

8. Dinner for Six  14” x 11”

9. Palm House  14 x 11”

10. Leaves  4” x 3”

11. Rugosa rose hips  6” x 4”

12. Swedish Ivy  3” x 2”

13. Paper Whites  3” x 2”

14. Roses, roses  8” x 5”

15. Rhododendrons  8” x 5”

16. Impatiens  10” x 8 



(all mixed media collage)


17. Tender Buttons, Gertrude Series

18. Pride, Seven Deadlies Series

19. Too Many Cooks Spoil the...

20. Wrath, Seven Deadlies Series

21. Sloth, Seven Deadlies Series

22. Now/Then, I

23. Now/Then, II

24. Now/Then, III

25. Who Saw Icarus Fall?

26. Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

27. Atlas Shrugged

28. Family Secrets

29. Envy, Seven Deadlies Series

30. Alas, Gertrude Series

31. Lust, Seven Deadlies Series

32. Gluttony, Seven Deadlies Series

33. Avarice, Seven Deadlies Series

34. Rose Is..., Gertrude Series


Alyce Ritti of Port Matilda writes: “Living ‘60 plus’ years in the 20th  Century has given me a strong comic spirit. Using unusual materials in mixed media collage and assemblage allows me to work with serious subjects in playful ways.  My current work continues the collage tradition  of commenting on human behavior. There is no end of ‘inspiration’ in that. For some entertaining  information about my work and myself please visit website”


Mary Thompson of State College has had work in a number of juried exhibitions, most recently The Sage National Juried Small Print Exhibition (New York, 1997), the 7th Annual Elizabethtown College Juried Art Exhibit (1997, honorable mention), the 17th Annual National Print Competition at Artlink (Fort Wayne, 1997), Images’97, Central PA Festival of the Arts (honorable mention), Printwork ’98--Barrett House Galleries, and Images of Pennsylvania Rural Life, First Annual PA Farm Show Scholarship Foundation Art Exhibit (Harrisburg, 1999, second place).  She has written or illustrated, or both, ten books, many on gardening, including Wild Food Plants of the Sierra, 1972 (in pen and ink), In the Garden with Derek, 1996 (in pen and ink), Andy and His Yellow Frisbee, 1996 (in watercolor), and Jane Pepper’s Garden, 1997 (in pen and ink).