Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

The Chuck Hall Studio Show
Gallery at The Gamble Mill
June 4 - September 16, 2011

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This show features works of local artists created in painting and drawing classes held at Chuck Hall's Coburn studio, and from works done previously at his Pike Art Workshop in Philipsburg, PA.  Classes are held four times a year for a period of six to eight weeks.  Atelier type instruction is employed with demonstrations beginning each class, followed by a 30 to 45 minute critique/discussion at its conclusion.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images:

1. Rita Graef, After Dancing

2. Suzanne DeSarbo, Solitude

3. Ericka Way Ahn, American Tea

4. Pat McDannel, Still Life with Green Pitcher

5. Pat McDannel, Untitled

6. Juditha Biggs, Bernice

7. Suzanne DeSarbo, The Cutting Board

8. Carole Hicks, Lilacs & Lace

9. Vanetta Irwin, Country Time

10. Suzanne DeSarbo, The Violin

11. Ericka Way Ahn, Lace Fan

12. Mila Sahakian, Green & Gold

13. Nancy Phelps, Self-portrait

14. Mary Haight, Robert

15. Mila Sahakian, Waiting for Coffee

16. Rita Graef, Daughters Dancing

17. Milt Trask, Robert

18. Carole Hicks, Dough Tray

19. Carole Hicks, Bicycle

20. Mary Lapos, Boy in a Cap

21. Wendy Snetzinger, Waiting

22. Rita Graef, Green Builder

23. Wendy Snetzinger, Pete Ponders the World

24. Rita Graef, Rita Graef, She Looks So Very Much Like My Mother Before I Knew Her

25. Juditha Biggs, I Remember

26. Carole Hicks, Drew

27. Mary Lapos, Ralph 09

28. Vanetta Irwin, Oriental Bowl

29. Milt Trask, Nostalgia

30. Mary Lapos, Trash Can

31. Pat McDannel, Stradivarius Wannabe

32. Wendy Snetzinger, Glowing

33. Mary Haight, Still Life

34. Mary Haight, Ashley

35. Juditha Biggs, What Did You Say?