Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Gallery at The Gamble Mill
September 15, 2012 - January 12, 2013

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1. Christine Hill, Late Afternoon at the Inner Harbor

2. Dorothy Durrenberger, Natural Favorite

3. Mary Armstrong, Far Off Places

4. Penny Fox-Stewart, Masterpiece

5. Dorothy Durrenberger, Self-Portrait

6. Harriet Rosenberg, Shamanic Journey

7. Cazia Bradley, Portem

8. Harriet Rosenberg, Bob Dyan

10. Dorothy Durrenberger, Ghosts & Frogs

11. Cazia Bradley, Cede

12. Cazia Bradley, Meket

13. Cazia Bradley, Echo

14. Mary Armstrong, The Right Angle

15. Mary Armstrong, Composition

16. Stephen Althouse, Massacre Ardennais

17. Susan Parsonage, Mantle

18. Harriet Rosenberg, Female Shaman

19. Stephen Althouse, Axe & Tapestry

20. Robert Brooks, Navigating Fog

21. Cazia Bradley, Secrets

22. Penny Fox-Stewart, Tree-Light

23. Mary Armstrong, Whisperings

24 Penny Fox-Stewart, Crysal Petticoats

25. Mary Armstrong, The Sound of Silence

26. Penny Fox-Stewart, Last Snow

27. Penny Fox-Stewart, Waiting for Spring

28. Robert Brooks, Liftoff

29. Robert Brooks, Boundary

30. Harriet Rosenberg, World War II Heroes (Home Girl Series)

31. Susan Parsonage, Winter Shivers

32. Susan Parsonage, The Gathering

33. Robert Brooks, Grasses in the Mist

34. Dorothy Durrenberger, Garden: For Sharon

35. Dorothy Durrenberger, Bower

36. Mary Armstrong, One Gray Day (World Trade Center)

37. Mary Armstrong, From Jersey to Manhattan (by Ferry Boat)

38. Robert Brooks, Morning Stillness

39. Christine Hill, It Happened on a Wednesday

40. Christine Hill, Centered

41. Christine Hill, The Art of Archeology

42. Christine Hill, Emergence

43. Mary Armstrong, Gamble Mill's Star Resident

44. Mary Armstrong, Boundaries

45. Robert Brooks, Rocks Together