Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

New Works by Members of the State College Photo Club
Gallery at The Gamble Mill
January 14 - April 13, 2012

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Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images:

1. Elizabeth Phillips, Water Lilies, PSU Arboretum

2. Carolyn Todd, Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park, Maine

3. Jan Anderson, Monarch Duo

4. Linda Hale, Nymph

5. Mike Turns, Alan Seeger Natural Area

6. Robert Hale, Legs

7. John Sharkey, Santa Fe Adobe

8. John Battaglia, Sunrise Ducks

9. Che Hale, Rose

10. Wendy Holder, Narcissus

11. Sami Sharkey, Fritallaria

12. Wendy Holder, Cleome

13. Sami Sharkey, Two Crab Apples

14. Mike Turns, Giant Water Lilies

15. Gary Perdue, Blue Snow

16. Janise Crow, Fisherman's Paradise, Bellefonte, PA

17. Che Hale, 2000 lbs.

18. Elizabeth Phillips, Abandoned, County Kenmore, Eire

19. Janise Crow, Imagine

20. Linda Hale, Lost Youth

21. Mike Turns, Bird Blind at Millbrook Marsh

22. Roel Fleuren, Countryside at Night

23. Sami Sharkey, Canna Lily Seeds

24. Christine Hill, Fairlawn Stores

25. Roel Fleuren, City at Night

26. John Battaglia, Lilies of the Valley

27. Gary Perdue, Back to Nature

28. Christine Hill, Filmore General Store

29. Cheri Harte, Burst of Color

30. Linda Hale, Gamble Mill

31. John Sharkey, Hopewell Rocks

32. Benjamin Willis, Train Trestle

33. Elizabeth Pennock, Utah Dead Tree

34. Robert Hale, Forest

35. Cheri Harte, Spirit of Winter

36. Jan Anderson, Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

37. Mike Turns, Boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh

38. Elizabeth Pennock, Off to Market

39. Benjamin Willis, The Jazz Age

40. Carolyn Todd, Corn Season at Round Barn

41. John Sharkey, Mountain Valley at Night

42. Kathy Smith, Painted Fruit