Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Women Beyond Form
Gallery at The Gamble Mill
June 2 - September 14, 2012

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1. Wendy Snetsinger, Bursting Forth

2. Deena Ultman, Abstract I

3. Susan Graham, Woodland Dreams

4. Jean Giddings, Reverie

5. Mary Deutsch, Mt. Snow

6. Wendy Snetsinger, Shell Game

7. Susan Graham, Essence of Joy

8. Susan Graham, Otter's Twist

9. Barbara Metzner, How Does Your Garden Flow

10. Barbara Metzner, Hills Beyond

11. Mary McGuire, PA Landscape

12. Wendy Snetsinger, Stone Blanket

13. Mary McGuire, Why Not

14. Mary McGuire, Triptych Patterns

15. Mary McGuire, Dream Desk I

16. Mary McGuire, Violet Abstract

17. Jean Giddings, Lotus Pod

18. Deena Ultman, Sea Urchins

19. Deena Ultman, Oceans

20. Deena Ultman, The Poppy

21. Mary McGuire, Love Letters

22. Mary Deutsch, Catch Me If You Can

23. Mary Deutsch, Seven Women Beyond Form

24. Wendy Snetsinger, Happiness Park

25. Wendy Snetsinger, It's Spring

26. Jean Giddings, Tempest

27. Mary McGuire, Dream Desk II

28. Mary McGuire, Circus