Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Centre County High School Seniors:
The Future of Art in Centre County
Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County
March 1 - March 31, 2015

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Because the Gamble Mill is closed indefinitely, the Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County graciously offered to host this show of works by seniors in Centre County from State College Area Senior High (SCASH), Bellefonte Area High School (BAHS), Bald Eagle Area High School (BEAHS), Penns Valley Area High School (PVAHS) and Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School (P-O AHS).

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images:

Samantha Bastress, PVAHS

Falling Water: pencil

Ryan Riegel, PVAHS

Mac Demarco: graphite

Tessa Woods, P-O AHS

Panda: white clay

Mackenzie Basalla, BEAHS

Panda: stoneware, Cone 5 glazes

Katherine Prewitt, BEAHS

Dragon: earthenware, cone 5 glazes

Lexi Wetzler, BAHS

Untitled: ceramic

Hailey Miller, BAHS

Untitled: ceramic

Heather Shimmel, P-O AHS

Untitled: scatchboard

Rexine Schrum, BEAHS

Nightmare of Cell A337: watercolor

Candace Price, SCASH

Headache: digital print

Henry Theurer, BAHS

Mirror of Egypt: collage

Brooke Nadolsky, BAHS

Girbra in the House: collage

Marissa Moriarta, BAHS

Untitled: colored pencil

Rachel White, BAHS

Dreaming: sharpie

Julia Ma, SCAHS

Mind's Eye: acrylic

Brooke Nadolsky, BAHS

Untitled: ceramic

Carly Seybold, BAHS

Untitled: ceramic

Morgan Rossman, BAHS

Lion: ceramic

Sunshine Zimmerman, BEAHS and Tyler Rudloft, BAHS

Water Creatures - Ocarina Series:earthenware clay, acrylics (Sunshine) and Personified Sink: ceramic (Tyler)

Kaitlyn Salvanish, BEAHS

The Koi: watercolor

Jordan Corman, BAHS

James Dean: pencil

Merlin Knepp III, P-O AHS

Self Portrait: graphite on paper

Gino Paul Nicosia, PVAHS

That Is a Bunch of Malarky: graphite

John Hartranft, BAHS

Christian Bale: pencil

Sarah Files, BAHS

Hillary Hahn: pencil

Nicole Walzer, BEAHS

Light of Memory: mixed media

Olivia Van Heyst, PVAHS

Skeletal 1: sharpie

Olivia Van Heyst, PVAHS

Skeletal 2: sharpie

Megan Rider, BAHS

Metamorphosis: sculpy and acrylic

Sophia Joiner, P-O AHS

Untitled Still Life: graphite on paper

Samantha Bastress, PVAHS

Paper Bag: pencil

Samantha Bastress, PVAHS

Sandal: pencil

Olivia Van Heyst, PVAHS

Child-Like: mixed media

Samantha Bastress, PVAHS

Still Life with Bottle and Basket: pencil

Nicole Leiby, PVAHS

Springtime in Paris: oil

Troy Green, PVAHS

Untitled: pastel

Trentin Herrington, P-O AHS, and Katie Nantatez, P-O AHS

Mountaineer: white clay, and Deer: white clay

Sophia Joiner, P-O AHS

Benson: mixed media

Katherine Prewitt, BEAHS

One Shall Stand: acrylic on canvas

Megan Rider, BAHS

Face: ceramic and acrylic

Sophia Joiner, P-O AHS

Summer Fantasy: pastel on matboard

Makenzie Proctor, BEAHS

Nana's Pitcher: stoneware, Cone 5 glazes

Henry Theurer, BAHS

Fruit Fly: colored pencil

Rebecca Aldrich, P-O AHS

Untitled: scratchboard and watercolor

Burton Booz

The Horned Dancers

Stephanie Peters, SCASD

Self-Portrait: graphite

Stephanie Peters and her parents