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Gallery at The Gamble Mill

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January 15 - April 22, 2005 A NATURAL FOCUS:


Judith Bogert, watercolor still lifes and florals
Roxanne Naydan, nature-inspired oils
David Paden, pastel and computer-generated landscapes


April 23 - June 3, 2005. ART OF THE BELLEFONTE SCHOOLS (High, Middle, and Elementary): Karen Baker, Coordinator


Amanda Ferrara, Grade 7

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge some of the works in the show:

teachers of the Bellefonte schools

(cw from top) Megan Mulfinger (12th), Chris Glover (8th), Serena Sidwell (10th)

8th grade group project

Alicia Witherite, Kaitlin Kyle, Seth Elder, Courtney Holliday, Natasha Poorman, Jacob Shipper (8th)

Kylie Krout (3rd, top), Amanda Ferrara (7th)

Lucy Cramer (6th), Rachel Burris (8th), Mike Duff (8th), Ethan Kline (7th), Bethany Hoffman (7th), David Grove (8th), Rachel Thomas (8th)

Marion Foy (12th)


June 4 - September 23, 2005. ITíS ALL ABOUT PASTELS

Jean McKinney                 Roxanne Naydan

Michelle Montes               David C. Paden

Alice Kelsey                  Sharon McCarthy

Jill Foster                   Susan Nicholas Gephart

Sarah Pollock                 Shirley Vogelsong

Harriet Swanson               Ed Dornell

Milt Trask                    Linda Schimmel

Harry Holder                  Pat Sanders

Tom Nicholas


Those Mangoes by Michelle Montes, pastel

Dorothy Durrenberger, oil        Michelle Montes, pastel, oil
Simonne N. Roy, oil              Ken Hull, watercolor
Bob Snyder, photography          Jean Giddings, collage  
C.E. Johnson, paper weaving, collage, clay monoprint
Mary Cady Rubinstein, wood engraving
Kimberly Gates Flick, watercolor, ink, mixed media

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge some of the works in the show:

Green Hornet aka Irish Stinger and Green Meany. Kim Gates Flick

watercolor and ink on paper

Road to Bellefonte. Dorothy Durrenberger

oil on acrylic

Walking Into Paradise. Dorothy Durrenberger

oil on acrylic

Provincetown Dunes and Lilies Along Aqueduct Road. Simonne N Roy

oil on board

Felines and Fiats. Ken Hull

watercolor on layered paper

Sign of the Cat. Ken Hull

watercolor on layered paper

(cw from top left) Amaryllis in Rain, Globeflower, Purple Transcandia, Mushrooms in Pines. Bob Snyder


Fruits of Love. Jean Giddings

acrylic on paper with watercolor collage

Thursday Afternoon (top) and Looking Out. C.E. Johnson

paper weaving and collage

Cows in the Stream and Dogs on the Hill. Mary Cady Rubinstein

The Invisible Hand of the Farmer. Jean Giddings

collage of poured ink on tissue, watercolor, acrylic and appropriated image

(cw from top) Orange Blossom, Moody Blue, and Blue Tale Flye. Kim Gates Flick

watercolor on paper, mixed media on canvas, watercolor on paper

21st Century Haystack. Michelle Montes


Approaching Storm. Dorothy Durrenberger

oil on acrylic