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Fred D. Smith Collection of Photos and Postcards of West High Street


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West High Street, Bellefonte, PA
West High Street, with the Bush House on the near left, ca. 1910. Fred D Smith Collection

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W. High St. from Half Moon Hill

A panoramic view up W. High St. to the courthouse

An early home, converted to the first YMCA

at 125 W. High, torn down and rebuilt as the present Y

First YMCA

Elks Lodge, originally Gov. Andrew Gregg Curtin residence

Built 1868, example of Tuscan revival architecture

Elks Lodge2

120 W. High St.

Elks Lodge3

to its left an early home, the J M Benner House, built 1825, later used as Beezers Meat Market, then replaced by G.C. Murphys

G.C.Murphy under construction

next to the Brockerhoff

G.C. Murphy completed

Now the Faith Centre

W. High St.

100 block, looking west

Petrikin Hall 1

136 W. High St.

Petrikin Hall 2

WCTU = Women's Christian Temperance Union

Petrikin Hall 3

Dunlop House (First Courthouse), 143 W. High St.

Built in two sections, the eastern in 1795 and the western in 1848, the parlor housed the first courthouse 1800-1806

Brisbin Home, SW corner of Spring and High

Built 1865, an excellent example of Italian revival architecture

Brisbin Home commercialized

The Manse (Bank Bldg), 201 W. High

Built in 1881, a mixture of several architectural styles

The Manse (Bank Bldg) 2

The home of Rev. James Linn, pastor of First Presbyterian, was replaced by The Manse

The original Bonfatto's on the north side of W. High

1946 repaving High St., looking east

1946 repaving High St., looking west

The Bush Arcade

South side, 200 block, built in the late 1880s to replace the original destroyed by fire

Bellefonte Hardware

at the NE corner of High and Water St.

Interior of the hardware store

Watchman Building, home of a Democratic paper

across High St. from the Bush House, now part of Talleyrand Park

Bush House and W. High St

Decorated, like the Watchman, for the 100th centennial

Bush House 1

Bush House 3

Bush House 4

Bush House 5

Bush House ~1910

with W. Water St. to the right

The Little Store over the mill race

and the Bush House behind

The Little Store with a parade

W. High St.

at the Bush House looking east

W. High St.

at the train station looking east

W. High St. ~1910

at the train station looking east

Train Station 1

Train Station 2

Train Station 2b

Train Station 3 ~1910

and the Lauderbach Bldg

Train Station 4