A Virtual  Walking Tour





1. Center of town
2. Entire map

3. Original Bellefonte

1. Train Station
2. Ficarro Houses
3. Bush House Hotel
4. Bush Arcade
Talleyrand Park

5A. Barnard Sculpture
6. The Manse
7. Brisbin Home
8. The First Courthouse & Diven House
9A. Reynolds House
9B. Petrikin Hall
10A. Curtin Residence
10B. Plaza Theater
11. Brockerhoff Hotel
12. Courthouse
13. Reynolds Bank
14. Garman House
15. Garman Opera House
16. Attorneys Row
17. First Natl Bank Bldg
18. Crider Exchange Bldg
19. Linn House
20. Potter Home (Library)
21. Hastings Mansion
22. The Dr. Dartt Home
23. Reynolds Mansion
24. Barnard Residence
26A. Linn Street
26B. Ardell House
26C. The Queen
26D. Victorian Manor
28A. The Armory
28B. Lamb Street
29. Bellefonte's First Hospital
30. Bush Residence
31. Bellefonte Academy
32. Meyers Residence
33. West Bishop Street
34. Strychnine Corner
37. Friends Graveyard
38. Quaker Meeting Hse
40A. Logan Branch
41A. The Big Spring
41B. Match Factory
43. Gamble Mill

25. 420 N. Allegheny St.
25A. Ironmaster's Mansion
27A. Curtin Street
27B. McCafferty House
27C. 137 W. Curtin St.
35. Cemetery Gatehouse
36. Union Cemetery
39. Burnham Place
40B. Forge House
42. Willowbank

44. Canal
45. Thomas Homestead & Wren's Nest

of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association (BHCA)

Centre County, PA, centered on Bellefonte

The Talleyrand Park Citizens Committee of BHCA has produced various editions of a map and notes for a Historical Walking Tour of Bellefonte.  The first edition was produced by the Bicentennial Committee of the Bellefonte Rotary Club in 1976. Walking tour stops are denoted on an 1874 map from The Atlas of Centre County Pennsylvania by Beach Nichols, A. Pomeroy & Co. Philadelphia, 1874.  BHCA periodically conducts walking tours in the central parts of Bellefonte.

This is a Virtual Walking Tour, based largely on the Walking Tour Map, and with text from The Walking Tour Map.  The historical images are from the Fred Smith Collection, which is gratefully acknowledged.

You can also access the individual pages from the walking tour map and a blown-up map showing the center of town Or you can take the entire tour, in sequence, by clicking "Next Page" at the top of each stop page.

Bellefonte displays many structures over 100 years in age, largely in authentic style, in part because Bellefonte Borough created, in 1970, a local historic district.  Changes in existing structures or new construction must be considered by HARB, the Historic Architectural Review Board.  HARB provides a link to Bellefonte Historic Sites Map, where you can click on sites of historic homes and buildings to see a description and old and modern photos.

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