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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Fred D. Smith Collection of Photos and Postcards of Bellefonte Residential Areas


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East Curtin Street, Bellefonte, PA
East Curtin Street. Fred D Smith Collection

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East Howard St.

E. Howard St. looking west

East Linn St.

East Linn St.

E. Linn St.

W. Linn St.

looking east

W. Linn St.

W. Linn St.

E. Curtin St. 1

E. Curtin St. 2

E. Curtin St. 3

Reynolds Avenue

S. Thomas St.

N. Thomas St.

N. Thomas St. 2

residence 26

129 W Linn St, just west of the Reynolds Mansion. The bunting hides its Italianate features. It can be seen without its bunting on our Virtual Walking Tour - Victorian Styles webpage. Thanks to Bonnie Lucas for the identification.

closeup of 129 W Linn St

residence 2

labeled "beaver," location not known

residence 3

location not known

home of P. Gray Meek on W. High St.

Presently a municipal parking lot

The P. Gray Meek residence

Montgomery house

residence 24

location not known

residence 4

location not known

Dale house

Bellefonte (Centre County) Hospital 1

The Bellefonte Hospital began in 1902 in a house on N. Spring Street, and later moved to this building. Its name was changed to the Centre County Hospital in 1925. Now part of the Willowbank Building, home of Centre County government.

Bellefonte (Centre County) Hospital 2

Bellefonte (Centre County) Hospital 3