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     In the mid-1960’s a group of newcomers to Bellefonte quickly acquired a deep appreciation for the historical significance of Bellefonte, its architecture, and its pivotal political role locally and statewide.  The intrinsic beauty of the borough inspired them to collaborate with like-minded longtime residents to form the Talleyrand Park Committee in 1974.  This committee planned and executed the present park architecture.

      By 1976, the vision expanded to include endeavors in visual arts, performance, and history.  Specifically, Talleyrand Park Committee and The Project for the Performing Arts theatre group pooled their resources, mailing expenses, and passion for the arts.  BHCA was organized as an “umbrella” organization for those endeavors and more that would be developed in the coming years.  BHCA applied to the Pennsylvania Department of State to be an incorporated nonprofit organization  in August 1976 and was granted that status in September 1976.  The incorporators were Donald L. Peters, Mary B. Mianulli, and Robert N. Fisher.  BHCA was granted tax-exempt status [501(c)3] by the IRS on September 11, 1979.  BHCA existed only as a parent organization until 1981, when the first meeting of BHCA itself, rather than its separate committees, took place. Today the foundation, the Talleyrand Park Committee, continues under the BHCA umbrella. 

     Some BHCA projects -- The Project for the Performing Arts, The Bellefonte Light Opera Company, Film Forum, and Old House Fair -- have come and gone.  But other exciting endeavors, listed on this website, enable peoples of various economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds to experience the spirit of Bellefonte.

       The original Articles of Incorporation required BHCA "To expand, foster, and promote... the Spirit of Bellefonte."  We hope that BHCA-sponsored events bring that spirit to life.

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