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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

The Fred D. Smith Collection of Photos and Postcards South of The Diamond: South Allegheny Street


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South Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA
South Allegheny Street, looking from Bishop Street toward The Diamond. Fred D Smith Collection

Click here for the Virtual Walking Tour stop at Strychnine Corner (at the left here) on South Allegheny Street

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From The Diamond south along Allegheny St.

Temple Court Building

immediately south of Reynolds Bank

Joseph's Store 1

SW corner of S. Allegheny and Cherry Alley, decked out for the 100th anniversary

Joseph's Store 2

S. Allegheny 1

east side of the 100 block

S. Allegheny 2

Most of the 100 block of S. Allegheny, including the corner with East Bishop St., was destroyed by the fire of 1885.

S Allegheny 10

Before the 1885 fire this SW corner of the 100 block was called "strychnine corner" because of the many bars and saloons.

S. Allegheny 4

view toward Diamond from Bishop and Allegheny

S. Allegheny 5

view toward Diamond from Bishop and Allegheny

S Allegheny 6

view toward Diamond from Bishop and Allegheny

S Allegheny 3b

Home of Bond Valentine

Valentine home at Bishop and Allegheny converted to the Brant Hotel

current site of Mike's Video

Cadillac Building, an Anna Keichline design, once a car dealer

SW corner of Bishop and Allegheny

S Allegheny 9

view toward Diamond from 200 block of S. Allegheny

S Allegheny 1

view toward the Diamond from halfway up Reservoir Hill