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Stop 21.  The Hastings Mansion

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The Hastings Mansion, Bellefonte, PA

The Hastings Mansion at the corner of North Allegheny and Lamb Streets was formerly the site of the Red Lion Inn in the 1830s.  Later, John Lane built the lavish mansion.  The frame inn, purchased by Governor Hastings in the 1890s, was remodeled by facing it in brick and adding the south wing and portico and windows fashioned after the old State Capitol Building in Harrisburg (since lost to fire).  The house is a polyglot of architectural ideas.  It could be called mostly classical with dentiles under eaves, bracketing, pilasters and pediments on dormers, pillars, leaded windows, large pane windows, and a mansard style roof. 

There have been numerous stories about the mansion and the spirits that are said to roam the halls.  One concerns that an old grandfather clock that has since disappeared into history.  The clock was built with a realistic human face within the glass of the face of the clock.  If a person stared into the face long enough, the clock face was rumored to wink at the person who gazed into its eyes.

The mansion was converted into eight differently-styled one- and two-bedroom apartments some time ago.

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The Hastings Mansion, Bellefonte, PA
Fred D Smith Collection