Virtual Walking Tour of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
The Talleyrand Park Citizens Committee
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Stop 36.  Union Cemetery

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Union Cemetery, Bellefonte, PA

Located on East Howard Street, the Union Cemetery is the burial site of many of Bellefonte's early pioneers.  Burials were as early as 1808.  The cemetery was chartered in 1856.  Here rest Evan Pugh, first President of The Pennsylvania State University; soldiers of negro units of the famous Union "Army of James" in the Civil War; United States Senator Andrew Gregg; Governors (and their wives) Andrew Gregg Curtin, James Addams Beaver, and Daniel Hartman Hastings; George Harris, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Civil War; and numerous other Bellefonte residents who contributed greatly to the destiny of the American Nation.  Names of the buried in Union Cemetery can be searched online.