Virtual Walking Tour of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
The Talleyrand Park Citizens Committee
Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association


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This is an 1874 street map of Bellefonte with tour stops overlaid.  Use your scroll bar to move up-and-down or back-and-forth.  For stops not linked here, go to Virtual Tour Home or the Center of Town Map, which is the central portion of this map.

Outlying stops on this map
25. 420 N. Allegheny St.                                   25A. The Ironmasters Mansion                  27A. Curtin Street                                        27B. McCafferty House  
27C. 137 W. Curtin St.                                       35. Cemetery Gatehouse                              36. Union Cemetery 
39. Burnham Place                                             40B. Forge House                                          42. Willowbank
44. Canal                                                              45.
Thomas Homestead & Wren's Nest