Virtual Walking Tour of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
The Talleyrand Park Citizens Committee
Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association

Stop 43.  The Gamble Mill

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The Gamble Mill, Bellefonte, PA

The Stone wall section at the rear of the building dates from 1786.  The locale, in the vicinity of the Lamb Street Bridge, was then known as "Lamb's Crossing" after William Lamb built the mill. The present mill dates from 1892 when the original mill was destroyed by fire.  Its turbine is still used to pump water to various sections of Bellefonte.  The mill race is diverted from Spring Creek and flows under Talleyrand Park and West High Street.  The restoration of this grist mill has won several state awards, and a renowned Centre County restaurant now occupies the building. It is also the site of the BHCA Gallery at The Gamble Mill.

The rebuilt mill at Lambs Crossing, now the Gamble Mill, looking at the side of the building opposite to that in the image above